Interview With The Heavy Metal Icon, The Legend, & The Most Amazing “Leather”

Photo Credit: (c) Rockin Ryan Richardson and Marisol Richardson

Leather Leone has a mission, and not just recently, but since the beginning of her life as an artist. As a thoroughbred musician, as an exceptional metal vocalist, and above all as an unconditionally positive person, her message has always been: Never give up and stay the way you are! You don’t have to look far to find this encouraging credo on her new solo album WE ARE THE CHOSEN: It features immediately on the opening track ‘We Take Back Control’, and it would be difficult to express her self- confidence and zest for action more unequivocally. The song sets the direction for the whole album, for Leather’s ambitions, and for her future as a committed musician. Her positive lyrics run like a leitmotif through the album’s ten songs and create an atmospherically dense arch up to its programmatic finale ‘The Glory In The End’. WE ARE THE CHOSEN has been scheduled for release on 25 November 2022 on Steamhammer/SPV on CD, vinyl LP and for digital download.

Leather Leone undeniably counts among the most charismatic metal vocalists of the past four decades. She already caused a sensation in the 1980s as frontwoman of Chastain, the band of guitar icon David T. Chastain. Together with him, Leone has produced a series of successful albums up to the present day, some of them for legendary US talent scout Mike Varney’s imprint, Shrapnel Records. She has also released successful recordings with Malibu Barbi, Sledge/Leather, among others, and as a solo artist.

It was a great pleasure and honor to have the most amazing Heavy Metal Voice, The Icon & The Legendary Leather on Metalheads Forever Magazine, Check out the awesome Interview on the below YouTube video.

Track Listing:

01. We Take Back Control
02. Always Been Evil
03. Shadows
04. Off With Your Head
05. We Are The Chosen
06. Tyrants
07. Hallowed Ground
08. Dark Days
09. Who Rules The World
10. The Glory In The End

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Photos: (c) Rockin Ryan Stephan Richardson and Marisol Pacheco Richardson

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