Interview With The Legendary A-Tron (Martin “E-Type” Erikson) Of DAMPF

”What is DAMPF?” you may ask. ”Who and what is behind these huge riffs, brutal metal, and catchy choruses?” 

DAMPF is a supergroup of heavy metal royalty led by the almighty A-tron, whom you may know from his career as Martin ”E-Type” Erikson. 

Many years ago, Martin had an idea to combine the power of dark metal and pop melodies. But it wasn’t until recently, when he was given a written assignment by Eye to write the songs for 3 albums in this spirit, that he realized that the time for this dream had arrived. 

Martin gathered his most talented musician friends, and they have now completed their first single to make their message audible: the future is not history-less and the dead are not gone.

It was my great pleasure and honor to have this interview with the legendary Martin, He has been making decade of music which has travelled far and wide since 80’s.

DAMPF is his new metal band, metal is not new to him, he started his career way back in the 80’s in a Speed Metal band and later on formed the world renowned Eurodance band E-Type, his mastermind in music and contribution is quite amazing, He is back to his metal roots with a new supergroup DAMPF.

Their debut album “The Arrival” was out on June 3rd, 2022. The music speaks it all, a phenomenal album overall.

Check out the awesome interview with Martin on the below YouTube video.

01 Winterland
02 The Other Side
03 Goeie mie
04 Who Am I
05 Born On The Wind
06 Twilight Eyes
07 Spread Your Wings O’er Me
08 Steinhaufen
09 Jerusalem
10 From The E-ternity
11 Sea Me

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