Interview With The Legendary Matt Barlow Of Ashes Of Ares

Matt Barlow, The Legendary Vocalist Of Ashes Of Ares and his past history with his first band Iced Earth, and his time with Pyramaze and much more. His Vocals has always stood high and notable in the metal industry and fans around the world.

He has touched his fans around the world with his amazing music.

He has worked with multiple bands and projects and one of the most known Vocalist in the Metal Scene.

He along with his former Iced Earth mate Freddie Vidales and Nevermore drummer Van Williams formed Ashes Of Ares in 2012, and have made two albums, Self titled debut in 2013 and Well Of Souls in 2018.

Van departed from Ashes in 2017, But Matt and Freddie continued the iconic journey they started to stick with the original vision of creating music in their own terms.

It was a pleasure and honor for me to interview the gem of a man Matt Barlow, Being a big fan of his vocals since Burnt Offerings days, his music has touched metalheads like me around the world for decades now.

Ashes Of Ares are releasing their third album on January 21, 2022 “Emperors And Fools” These awesome men are back to give the world some amazing metal. So Stay Tuned.

Check out the below Interview with the Iconic Matt Barlow on the YouTube for the complete coverage.

Track List

1. A City in Decay (Intro)
2. I Am the Night
3. Our Last Sunrise
4. Primed
5. Where God Fears to Go
6. Emperors and Fools
7. By My Blade
8. What Tomorrow Will Bring
9. The Iron Throne
10. Gone
11. Throne of Iniquity (CD Exclusive Track)
12. Monster’s Lament

Release Date : January 21, 2022

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