Interview With The Legendary Steve Price

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Steve, I’m Keith the head of the magazine, how are you doing today?

Doing good man!

The  Red Moon Project your recent collaboration with Nick Z Marino is an amazing collaboration that you both came together with, can you tell me about the production and making behind the release?

Yes it was something we worked on a little bit at a time.  We laid down some tracks and I was very impressed with the stuff that Nick came up with matching the music I sent him. It was great give and take, and I think we came up with something special.

Can you tell me how this collaboration happened?

Nick and I live close by here in Florida. As well as the drummer Patrick Johannson. Pretty much the entire Yngwie Malmsteen band. We all do shows and clinics in this area….so it was natural we would one day collaborate. 

What are some of the other projects that you are currently working on?

Something a little different. It’s going to be a Spanish classical guitar project….picking select songs to play over. Should be interesting and challenging.

Thor and Phantom Lord your past bands, what were some of your notable works, how has the experience of the decade been for you?

I played on Thor’s most popular album Only The Strong, and many others. And toured extensively with Thor over the years.  Phantom Lord was just something I did as a favour to a friend. The decades been very good for me!

Do you plan to work more with Nick Z Marino in the future?

I don’t know if there’s anything in the works, like I said to Nick if the record continues to do very well then we will have to do another Red Moon Project. But that’s more up to Nick being that he’s involved in a lot more different projects and I am. And we will see how our schedules line up.

Can you tell me some of the great moments you had over the years?

I guess a great moment was playing the Sweden Rock Festival for the biggest crowd I ever played for…thousands upon thousands… on stage with UFO and Avenged Sevenfold and Johnny Winter.

Also the Marquee Club in London in 1984 and hanging out with Jimmy Page later and him telling me how great everything was!! Fun times!!

Do you take students for Guitar, if so what are some of the requirements to join as your student?

I haven’t taken on students in a while, but there is no specific requirements except the fact that they take it seriously.

Being one of the iconic guitarist, how do you feel about the accomplishments and the road you have travelled?

Oh thank you for the compliments! Certainly not the most famous, but that depends on how much you spend on a publicist… lol!! I feel very good, I was in a lot of other bands and worked with a lot of famous people other than the bands that people know about. I feel very satisfied although I would like to have gotten the audition for Ozzy before Zack. However Sharon and Ozzy wrote me a very nice letter and knowing that George Lynch Steve Vai didn’t get the gig either make me feel a little better…lol

What are some of the upcoming plans for you?

Due to the Covid situation I don’t really have any plans except to do another album really sure what it’s going to be right now but I can definitely keep you posted.

How is the touring plans ahead for you?

Touring plans??..its the same thing… I don’t know if there’s any touring. It really depends on the support for Red Moon Project. I really think when I get together with the guys it’s really an amazing sounding bunch of people to play with. So hopefully we can play some gigs together!

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Message to the fans. I appreciate everything throughout the years and hopefully we will see some exciting things in the future. I appreciate everything and I hope everybody continues to have a great time listening to the greatest music in the world! TO BE CONITINUED!