Interview With The Swiss Folk Metal – Nidhoeggr

This six-pieced Bernese band was formed back in 2009 and has become an integral part of the Swiss Folk Metal scene. Nidhoeggr manages to combine harsh Death Metal with catchy keyboard melodies, always experimenting with different sounds. Through their multi-faceted sound, the band creates a gloomy atmosphere, but can also whip up the mood with trollish party songs. For these swiss folk death metallers, this variety is an important part of their lyrical work as well. From song lyrics that immerse the listeners in the time of the Vikings, to socio-critical compositions, anything can be expected. With this unique way of making music, Nidhoeggr succeeds perfectly in blending the past and the modern.After releasing their debut “Nach der Schlacht” in 2015.

October 29 “Arise” will rise from the dark and enchanting forests of Switzerland, Where the boys of Nidhoeggr will storm the world with their amazing music. It was a great time speaking to Janick Rüttimann – Rhythm Guitar & Lorenz Joss – Keyboard, Clean Vocals about the upcoming album, and the road they travelled. Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.


  1. Departure
  2. The Journey
  3. Onwards
  4. Twilight Zone
  5. Scorched Earth
  6. Rise And Fall
  7. Mighty Willow
  8. Desolation
  9. Good Of Lies
  10. Winters Night
  11. Arise


The Band

Janos Thomann – Vocals
Nino Moser – Lead Guitar, Clean Vocals
Janick Rüttimann – Rhythm Guitar
Thibault Schmidt – Bass Guitar
Patrick Scheidegger – Drums
Lorenz Joss – Keyboard, Clean Vocals     

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