Interview With Thessaloniki, Greece Metal Band “Dope Default”

Dope Default are a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece, influenced by bands such as Black Label Society, Metallica, Planet of Zeus, Pantera and Queens of the Stone Age.

They released their first EP ‘Nuclear Honeymoon’ in 2015 and, after several line-up changes, they released their follow-up EP, called ‘Tales from the Wasteland’ in 2017.

Having toured extensively they recorded and produced their debut album, ‘Ofrenda’, in 2018, that introduced them to a wider audience.

They released their next album, ‘Imprisoned’, with new front man John Campbell, an album that is a huge step forward for the band, having already made its mark on the scene.

In the autumn of 2020, they released their new single ‘Down to Pieces’ which was accompanied by a music video, directed by Tasos Amarantidis. It is the first song off their new album ‘Division’, which was released in March 2022. It marks a turn towards more melodic paths for the band, exemplified by such tracks as ‘Duplicity’ and ‘So Far Away’, while at the same time maintaining their characteristic riff-based approach, in tracks such as ‘Future Without’ and ‘The Saint of Killers’.

The album was mixed and mastered by Thanos Mylonas, while the artwork was provided by Polish artist Kacper Gilka.

It was my pleasure to have the band on the interview to talk about Division and much more, Check out these awesome band on the below YouTube video

1.Midnight Mass 04:53
2.Future Without 03:24
3.Duplicity 06:13
4.Down to Pieces 05:00
5.The Saint of Killers 04:44
6.So Far Away 05:57
7.One More Time 04:28
8.The Hand of Midas 04:20
9.Divided 05:02

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