Interview With Thrash/Death “My Own Fear” From Paris, France

My Own Fear was formed in 2011, My Own Fear is Thrash Death Band from Paris (France) influenced by Death, Slayer, The Haunted, Kreator and Morbid Angel.

My Own Fear released a First demo in 2011, which one of the titles is selected for t h e compilation « Révélatio Underground15 » of the Pavillon 666 media

November 2014, My Own Fear released a first EP entitled Rise. The song « It was right, it was good, it was gore » was selected for the French metal compilation : Le Triomphe Noir.

For the next following years, My Own Fear played 30 dates in France including several renowned festivals:

  • Metal VS Core
  • Chaulnes Metal Fest
  • Winter Rising Fest – Gisors Metal Fest.

These datesallowed My Own Fear to share the stage withfrench references like Agressor, Mercyless, The Arrs, Kause4Konflict, Witches, Inhumate, The Cleaner, Primal Age

After 2 years of Line-up changes, a year of transition and the Covid pandemic, the band recorded its first album:ViolenceMadeHistoryin September 2020. The opus was recorded, mixed and mastered by Enzo Biasizzo at Elevation Studio, and the artwork was produced by Mythrid Art. The LP is composed of 10 titles including Salem on which appears the legend of french Thrash Metal: Witches.

2022 marked the release of the debut full length album “Violence Made History”. It was a great pleasure to have Stephane and Sebastien on the Interview to talk on the album, the plans and the future.

Check out the complete Interview on the YouTube video below.

  1. Once upon a Fall
  2. 6:1 – 8
  3. Dux Bellarum
  4. Hell Fire Club (H.F.C.)
  5. Torquemada
  6. Ghosts on the Warpath
  7. Salem
  8. 1349 – Era of the Rats, Pt. 1
  9. Devoured by Pestilence – Era of the Rats, Pt. 2
  10. Empire of the Rats – Era of the Rats, Pt. 3

The Band

Gilles Sala (Bass)
Sébastien Geley (Drums)
Stéphane Néraud (Guitars)
Fabrice Darmon (Guitars)
Nicolas (Vocals)

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