Interview With Todd Michael Hall

Todd Michael Hall, was known to the world when he rocked 18th Season of NBC’s hit television show The Voice, He was selected by Judge Blake Shelton for Todd’s version of Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero”. Todd is also the frontman of the iconic metal band “RiotV”, he has brought his dreams to reality through his solo debut “Sonic Healing”. His vocal range is astounding, Todd connected with Metal Church’s guitarist “Kurdt Vanderhoof” for his debut solo. The album is just magical. It was really a pleasure talking to Todd on life, music and Vision. Put your headphones on and enjoy the Interview with Todd Michael Hall

Todd Comments:

“Music has a healing effect to get you up and running,” Todd explains. “People use it to console themselves on a daily basis. It’s such a weird time right now. So, Sonic Healing is meant to be good positive rock. We definitely paid homage to our favorite bands, but we added a new twist. There’s a hunger for this music, and there aren’t many artists trying to scratch the itch. We’re here to scratch the itch and bring the energy.”

1. Overdrive
2. Let Loose Tonight
3. All On The Line
4. Running After You
5. Love Rain Down
6. Sonic Healing
7. Like No Other
8. Somebody’s Fool
9. To The Bone
10. Long Lost Rock & Rollers
11. The Other Side (bonus track)
12. Not with a Sword (bonus track)