Interview With Tom Pilsworth Of Indica Blues

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today?
We’re well, thank you, and good to be talking to you. 

We’re doomed was released earlier this month, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?
It was written between 2018-2019. As a band we are always writing, we can’t stop! So as soon as we finished Hymns for a Dying Realm we started a new project. At first we thought it would just be an EP, but it turned into something much bigger. By the time it came to record we had seven tracks, with the last one, ‘Scarred for Life,’ written a couple of weeks before the first session. It was recorded by Steve ‘Geezer’ Watkins at Woodworm studios, based in an old cottage in the Oxfordshire countryside. Tony Iommi had recorded a few things there. It has possibly the biggest collection of Lava lamps of any studio in the world. When things we’re going well, Steve would stick a few on… He did a great job of the recording, and I think this the first album to capture our live sound. 

What is the concept or theme that has been set behind this album?
The album explores the idea of being ‘doomed’ from a few different perspectives – the doom facing the planet (End is Calling) the doom facing humanity (We Are Doomed) and the feeling of being doomed, from a personal perspective – (Scarred for Life, Inhale). I’d be lying if I said we started out with this all planned – we didn’t set out to write a concept album. But the influence of world events on our writing just steered it that way. 

The 7 track album is beautifully made and it’s a gift to the doom metal fans around the world, how as a band do you feel about the outcome?
It’s fantastic and we’re hugely grateful to APF records for putting together such a fitting package for the album. You have to see the vinyl in the flesh to really appreciate the art, it’s stunning.

Can you tell me how Indica Blues started?
It began with the ‘Towers Rising’ EP which I recorded myself  in a little box room. I met John (guitarist) at a gig in Oxford and was blown away by his band, Caravan of Whores. When they split up I suggested we have a jam. The rest is history. 

Bringing the true doom is amazing, man I gotta say each song betters the other in this album, this is one of my favorite this year, how has the reception been so far?
We’ve been blown away by the reception to it, to be honest, especially the reviews in the media. We knew we had some good tracks, but it’s so hard to judge how good a piece of music is when you have written and recorded it yourself. You only hear your part of it, or the things you wish you had done better, and the memories of the recording itself override your perceptions. But we now know we did a good job, that’s for sure. 

Can you tell about the cover art and what it depicts?
The cover art was created by Brazillian graphic artist Cristianio Suarez. You witness a nuclear apocalypse from behind an american muscle car. On the back cover, you view from the rear passenger seat as the car is lifted off the ground by the shockwave. The driver looks back at you – I’ll leave it up to the viewers to interpret what that look means.

What would be the next plans for the band?
We’d love to go on a tour and play these songs live. Fingers crossed, but that may be possible in the summer. 

Any message for the fans?
Thank you for supporting underground music. And if you like the album but haven’t bought it yet, please do – we don’t make any profit, we just put any money we get straight back into the music so we can make another record. 

You can order Indica Blues album on the below link