Interview With Tomas Lindberg Of At The Gates

At The Gates put up a new record “The Nightmare Of Being” It was indeed a pleasure to talk about the album and much more with Tomas Lindberg.

Since it’s release the album has hit Global charts.

Check out the Interview in its full coverage on the below YouTube Video.

The tracklisting of “The Nightmare Of Being” (45:44 min.) is as follows:

Spectre of Extinction (4:49)
The Paradox (4:43)
The Nightmare of Being (3:49)
Garden of Cyrus (4:25)
Touched by the White Hands of Death (4:07)
The Fall into Time (6:45)
Cult of Salvation (4:24)
The Abstract Enthroned (4:26)
Cosmic Pessimism (4:31)
Eternal Winter of Reason (3:38)

AT THE GATES line-up:
Tomas Lindberg Redant – Vocals
Jonas Björler – Bass
Martin Larsson – Guitar
Jonas Stålhammar – Guitar
Adrian Erlandsson – Drums

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