Interview With Totta Ekebergh Of Swedish Rock Band “The Riven”

Hard hitting, sharp shooting power rock influenced by the great sounds of the 1970s and 80s. The Riven plays honest Rock & Roll that makes you wanna shake your fist and bang your head. Their music and lyrics will take you on a sonic journey.

Classic rock meets heavy metal on ”Peace and Conflict”; the second studio album by Swedish five piece The Riven. Since the release of their debut, self-titled album from 2019, the group has recruited a second guitarist, enabling more dynamic twin guitar arrangements and colorful melodic elements enriching the new tracks. This combined with a powerful vocal performance and a tightly pounding rhythm section results in a full blown rock explosion divided into 9 new tracks.

”Peace and Conflict” was recorded at La Cavana Studios by Arnau Díaz. The album was mixed and mastered by Ola Ersfjord. Artwork by Maarten Donders. ”Peace and Conflict” will be released on The Sign Records on the 25th of November, 2022.

It was a great pleasure to have the awesome “Totta Ekebergh” on the Interview to talk on the upcoming album “Peace & Conflict”, check out the complete interview on the below YouTube video.


01. On Time
02. The Taker
03. Peace and Conflict 
04. La Puerta del Tiempo 
05. Sorceress of the Sky 
06. On Top of Evil
07. Fly Free
08. Sundown
09. Death

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The Band

Totta Ekebergh (Vocals) 
Arnau Diaz (Guitar) 
Joakim Sandegård (Guitar)
Max Ternebring (Bass)
Jussi Kalla (Drums)

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