Interview With Traverse The Abyss

Traverse The Abyss, The band from Scranton, PA debuted in late 2016 with their album ‘The Gamble of Life’ and followed up with a self-titled EP in 2018. They have played independent shows along the East Coast which has allowed them to make their mark in the underground metal scene while having the opportunity to open for several national touring bands such as Motionless In White, Whitechapel, Miss May I, and Attila.

They recently put up an amazing single and video for “Trainwreck”. It was my pleasure to have Eric Abyss for an Interview. Check out the below YouTube Video for the complete coverage.

Music Videos

The Band

Eric Abyss – Vocals

“Iron” Mike White – Guitar

Mike “Bnoc” Bieniecki – Bass/Backing Vocals

Jamie Macheska – Guitar

David Wilczweski – Drums