Interview With UK’s “We Struck Gold”

Have you found yourself questioning why we as a social collective conform so effortlessly, what our purpose is, are we in control of our lives or simply floating through the plains of a perceived existence? Are our dreams our own construct, or the design of a different entity. These are the very questions that We Struck Gold have delved into since their last release of To Conquer A Fear // All Life Is Divine. The band has reinvented itself; immersing in the dreamlike state that they found themselves in when asking those very questions. They are the Architects of their own path. Bear witness as their truth unfolds. Visualise it, live it, perceive it.

We Struck Gold will release their new EP ‘Feel Nothing’ on 17th June 2022. It was a pleasure to have the band for an interview to talk about the EP and much more that has been happening with the band, check out these amazing guys on the below Interview.

Music Videos


w/ InRetrospect
23.06.22 Southampton – Suburbia
24.06.22 Sheffield – Corporation
25.06.22 Leeds – Boom
26.06.22 London – Black Heart

W/ Overthrone + Rosen Bridge
21.09.22 Liverpool – Kazimier Stockroom
22.09.22 Bristol – Crofters Rights
23.09.22 Birmingham – Flapper
24.09.22 London – Engine Rooms
25.09.22 Nottingham – Angel Microbrewery–Rosen-Bridge–We-Struck-Gold-/36063837/

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