Interview With Vancouver’s Sunset Gore

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada is heavy alt/metal group Sunset Gore; established in 2016. Following the guidance of its name, the band juxtaposes dark themes and serene imagery to elicit complex emotional perspectives on life and culture all around us.

Sunset Gore has recently released 3 new singles entitled “Obsidian” + “Caffeine” and their latest single “Redesign.” These singles were compared to some of their biggest influences such as Chevelle, Karnivool, Deftones, and Alice in Chains. 

The band is currently working on a new project where they will be performing and filming a live, in studio, performance of a brand new unreleased single! They are scheduled to perform in April 2022 with Tim Neauhaus from Earart Music Studios.

It was my pleasure to have Justin on the Interview, check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.

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