Interview With Vikram Shankar Of Silent Skies

EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund and pianist/composer Vikram Shankar conjure a cinematic odyssey of gripping original compositions on their expansive new album Dormant

Photo Credit: Patric Ullaeus

Whenever EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund and acclaimed US-based pianist/composer Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Lux Terminus) come together to merge their creativity, the result is magic. Now arrives the next product of this fateful encounter, as the Swedish-American cinematic-pop duo releases its third album, Dormant, on September 1, 2023 via Napalm Records. Continuing on the atmospheric path of Scandinavian melancholy charted on their previous full-lengths, Nectar (2022) and Satellites (2020), the brainchild of Englund and Shankar features stunning piano melodies, atmospheric keyboards, lush and expansive soundscapes, and hauntingly beautiful and intense vocals on 10 original compositions, accompanied by bonus tracks, covers of well-known classics by Iron MaidenLinkin Park, and more, dressed in matchless emotional elegance. 

SILENT SKIES’ third offering is melancholic and calming, yet effervescent and incandescent, expanding the duo’s sonic universe in every direction – it is the result of brave sonic experimentation married to the tastefully artistic aesthetic that defines the group. Throughout the varied peaks and valleys of their compositions, it is their powers of expression, and reflection on the human experience – in their own words, “conversations with life, about life” – that give their music the power to speak to a vast array of lived experiences, and reach people with diverse tastes, as long as they are interested in appreciating art as a reflection of life itself.

It was a great pleasure to have Vikram Shankar on the Interview to talk on the new album and much more behind Silent Skies, Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

1    Construct
2    New Life
3    Churches
4    Just Above The Clouds
5    Reset
6    Tides
7    The Real Me
8    Light Up The Dark
9    Dormant
10   The Last On Earth
11   The Trooper (Bonus Track)
12   Dancing In The Dark (Bonus Track)
13   Numb (Bonus Track)

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Photo Credit: Patric Ullaeus

Tom S. Englund – Vocals, Production
Vikram Shankar – Piano, Keyboards, Production

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