Kairos Interview

Kairos Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, This is Keith the Editor-In-Chief of the Mag, how are you doing?

Doing great! Today we’re playing in Moscow so we are really pumped up.


You guys are on tour with UDO starting today, how do you feel about this, I would like to hear more on this tour from you guys?

We think this tour will be a blast and it’s a good way for us to reach out so to speak.

U.D.O is a great band and an inspiration for us.



Can you tell us about the band and how it all started for you guys?

We signed with the small swedish record company “Bleeding music” in 2015 and released an album shortly after. We followed that up with a central/eastern european tour as well as some shows in Sweden but then we kinda did put the band on the shelf.

In 2017 we recorded a full length kick-ass album and decided to take the band more serious.


We are already in the end of 2018, what is in store for the band and what are the plans for 2019?

The plan is to release an album and tour as much as possible.

How did you guys get to know about Alpha Omega Management, how do you feel to work with them?

We heard of them from a friend in another band that got signed by them. We thought it sounded great to get professional management and help with booking shows and tours. This tour with UDO was a great opportunity.

You are in an industry full of competition and more over it all depend upon the fan base, what is your strategy towards a huge success?

Continuity, innovative song writing and quality.

We try to mix old with something new. The Live shows are indeed something we put an emphasis on. Shows should really be “shows” and not just jamming in front of a crowd.


Do you have any message for the readers and fans?

Follow us if you want and listen to our music.

Can’t wait to get out there, meet you guys and blow ceilings around the world.

See you out there!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement