“Korpiklaani” Interview

“Korpiklaani” Interview by David Maloney

First off how are you doing? And how as has has 2016 been to Korpiklaani? You are now touring at Russia, has it been fulfilled with vodka? What can you tell us about the adventures of this tour thus far?

I’m fine thank you. 2016 was really busy year for us and we toured a lot around the world. It was also very good year for us in many ways but when the year was done we were quite tired. I was mostly sleeping over the Christmas holidays. We came from Russian tour just before Christmas and just before the Russian tour were had a long European tour. Russia was an great adventure as we thought as it would be before the tour. In the end it was much more better than we ever imagined. We were there almost three weeks and we went all the way across the country to China borders and back through cold Siberian winter. We used Trans Siberian trains, bus, vans and aeroplanes to go where we should go and we never came late to the concert places. Venues were way better than we thought and they were full of people which was a greatest surprise for us. This was the first long tour in Russia for Korpiklaani because normally we only play in St. Petersburg, Moscow and some festivals in Russia. I’m sure we will go back for tour the country more often now. Russia is not the same anymore when thinking about your question has it been fulfilled with vodka. Before you could get vodka from everywhere, gas stations, airports and even from the smallest possible kiosk but nowadays it is different. You can’t get even beer from the gas stations in Russia anymore. Anyway we managed to get vodka…at least enough during the tour….

Is there huge difference of playing songs live in Finnish compared to English? How does the crowd react to each version?

They don’t really care so much I think. For me it is easier to sing in Finnish and it’s nice to see how people keep on singing along with us no matter of the language.

How has nature and our beautiful planet and other Man made climates such as Religion or Politics influence your music or does such things influence your music at all?

Nature is the subject on the majority part of Korpiklaani lyrics even, that people think that our main theme is drinking. But that’s natural. Everyone likes to drink and have fun. We in the band including. To be honest we have only one or two drinking songs pen an album and ten about nature and other topics. We don’t know about politic and religions enough for song subjects.

How do you see the future of music? do bands still make physical copies or is just stream versions? Or both and what are the advantages and disadvantages in our digital world?

I want to see that physical copies would keep their place in the future as well. You can’t see any important details, like recording or producer details and lyrics when you stream the music. For me it is nice to get real into an album, hold the booklet and covers reading the lyrics and watching pictures and artwork. It’s even more great when you are able to hold vinyl covers when listening music in peace. Other hand I understand that the world need to change and we need to get it as it comes and configure involved. It’s also great that you have all the music from around the world in your pocket nowadays but it is a fact that this also put down the certain value of the music and it comes more and more disposable goods. People doesn’t immerse an album whole anymore. They are listening only songs from here and there more and more.

How would you describe typical Korpiklaani audience?

Most of them are 20 to 40 years old ugly guys but it was nice to see that there are more and more women at the audience nowadays. Also there are on every shows more and more, more mature people. I think it’s nice to see some grey hairs here and there having fun with youngsters during the gigs. Also kids likes Korpiklaani. Maybe our songs are fun and catchy enough for every kind of people. Not just folk metal fans.

Beer or vodka?

Both the better!

Best way to spend your free time off-tour?

…is doing things on a bed. Sleeping… or whatever. Actually off-tour time is dedicated for the family.

What has been the most funniest or weirdest instrument that you have been using in your albums?

Violafon. It is a chaotic cross between a guitar, cello and violin. What a great Japanese instrument that is!

If you would be a nature guide in Finland, in which time of the year and where would you say people should go?

Wintertime in Lapland of course.

Step by step how does Korpiklaani come up with new songs? How do you keep finding inspiration?

I have no idea how inspiration comes because an inspiration doesn’t see the place nor the time and when it comes you better have something to record it up. Mostly it comes when I just play some improvisation on the home sofa watching tv. Then I run to my working room where I have always Pro Tools ready for action. If I’m not at home I record my ideas to the phone. I have lot of little riffs and melody lines around computers and my phone.

When are we going to hear new Korpiklaani material?

We are just getting through those fruits of the inspirations collecting something like songs out of them for tenth Korpiklaani album. We will release next Korpiklaani album early the next year if everything goes like our plans.I have other, kind of solo band called Jonne and we are just releasing our second album “Kallohonka” soon during this winter. Also the first Korpiklaani DVD will be released some point during this year.

At the end, anything you would like to say to Metalheads Forever magazine readers? And fans of Korpiklaani all over the world?

I want to thank our fans to be loyal and keep on coming to our gigs. Nothing’s more great for us than see the full house of smiling people in front of us when we walk to a stage. Thank you and see you soon!


David Maloney / MHF