Lords Of Black Interview

Lords Of Black Interview

By Chelf Chelfdom

My lords, I salute you and I’m looking forward to hear about your upcoming projects, tour dates and what’s new at your ‘end of the world’.


Hi there! Well, We have a new álbum that was just got released and we are currently rehearsing for the upcoming shows. We have some dates opening for Priest and Ozzy which is very cool and some summer festivals. I hope we can announce dates for the official tour of this new album soon.


Have you ever felt the need to oppose the current ‘icons of the new days’, especially with all the social media madness and promote a healthier, more sustainable role model as artists/musicians?


The whole concept behind the title track “Icons of the New Days” and many of the lyrics on the album is about portraying  the World we live in now…or the World we are heading for if we keep on this path…but I would not be preaching anyone about anything…I’m just talking about how the new technologies and internet have changed forever not only the way we communicate, but the values, beliefs and the whole humanity as civilizations, societies or even at a physical form in all of us. Many of the things brought with this process are good, while others make a huge negative impact and I believe they are some of the instruments that make a dehumanizing process on us. Just like I’ve said, I have my own beliefs and opinions on that, but I would not preach anyone…everyone of us have a responsibility and must act accordingly…also, the musicians nowadays are so confused about how the whole internet and social thing have changed our industry that most go with the trends just to be cool even if they don’t really believe in it.

Have you ever brainstormed about the creation of a new album? What’s the creative process that you follow to generate new ideas?

It’s a natural process…we don’t analyze it that much…we may have some initial debates on new cool stuff to try…and even if that new music we start to try seems a departure from our style in the first stages, it will end up sounding like us anyways at the end. But with this álbum, I pretty much knew I wanted to write lyrics and music around this vibe of futurism and the delima on where’s the line between human and not human…

Have you ever been in a tribute band?


Not in a steady term…I’ve had some side projects just for fun or keep on being busy or just as a way to try out other musicians and see the vibe and chemistry for further possibilities. But it’s always fun playing some classic stuff, at least if you’re doing it right and with the right people…not interested in playing with any wannabe who doesn’t really know shit about the music and artist he’s covering.


Have you ever performed a show very sick? How do you cope?


You bet! But maybe in two occasions only If I recall correctly. I try to keep myself healthy and in good shape so it would be very rare…but yes, while on tour you can get really sick overnight for food poisoning or stuff like that…it’s been said “the show must go on”…and indeed it must go on, I’ve never canceled a show, so you just need to focus on your performance the best you can and go thru the motions…

Have you ever thought of quitting the rock-star lifestyle for a nine-to-five job?


Well, I remember that not too long ago it was usual that you get asked from some people after knowing you actually play or sing “what job you do”…and it was pretty annoying explaining you were a professional musician…and it was always difficult to live out of music full time even at that time when getting a certain level of success was possible to achieve, getting to the level where you could be a viable recording and touring band or artist… now fast forward to present times and what you find is most of artists and bands working regular Jobs…out of necessity. Not my case, I’ve always worked as a pro musician, doing recording sessions and a lot of teaching as well to avoid any 9 to 5 slavery job…I think it would kill all my creativity and musical soul…but it’s so difficult for us -new bands- nowadays… that sure you’re always under a great pressure to keep on paying your bills.


Have you ever considered what you’d do if you won the lottery?


I’d work even harder! Winning the lottery would never slow me down ahahaha, I could put way more money on resources to make my band bigger.


Band-tees, lots of black, long hair, leather. Have you ever gotten in trouble for not looking average?


All the time, sure, but it’s a way of life and all of us who have grown around rock and metal music have been always like the outsiders or outcasts…but it’s cool, nothing wrong with showing your personality and be different. I never liked any popular trend.


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