By “Jay Rollins”


In 2013 Artifact of Annihilation was released with all around positive acceptance. The album was partially recorded between Math Lab and Alpha Omega studio, however mixing/mastering took place at Garage Studio in Canada with Crytopsy’s own Christian Donaldson. How did you come to ask him? Was there anything he did with the album you were particularly pleased with?

Lucy: our label was cooperating with him since few time, and some of the bands from the roster has already mixed and mastering their albums at his studio. We got to hear some of his works before and we asked him to do some mixing tests on our song and we liked what he did. So we have decided to entrust the entire job to him, the result was to have a modern and aggressive sound. It was just what we were looking for.

Lucy, over the years you’ve been supported in the band by many talented artists. Earlier this year the latest incarnation of Mechanical God Creation was presented to the world. Was there any particular reason for bringing in new blood and what is the energy like among the new crew?

Lucy: during these years I had the opportunity to play with good musicians, some are still good friends. Unfortunately, some of them have decided to leave the band for personal reasons or for musical differences others for conflict situations. I have always believed in this project, but for others it was just an hobby. With the new crew I have to say that I found musicians who have my same goal and my own way of working.

Recently you were asked to take part in an event line-up showcasing some viciously penetrating front women in metal. Would you mind telling us about your experience at the Voice of the Succubi music festival that took place this past September?

Lucy: playing outside our country is always a positive experience because we can bring our music to a new audience. This intrigues us every time seeing the reactions of people who have never seen us on stage. We really enjoyed in Malta, we received an excellent response from the crowd and it was nice to spend two days with our friends from Cadaveria.

Another amazing show that happened this September was your own celebration of 10 years in the metal scene! Was this show as memorable as Voices of the Succubi? How did you decide which bands would share the stage with you that night?

Lucy: This show will happen at the end of October, not September J We decided to share the stage with all of them because they are good friends that always supported MGC in these years and of course we have chosen them because they play good metal music . We are pretty sure that we will have good time that night and we can’t wait to play.

Your first encounter working with Alex Azzali happened back in 2008 when the vocals and guitar tracks for the full length debut Cell XIII were recorded at Alpha Omega Studio in addition to the completion of the mixing/mastering. Now it has been almost a year since you signed with Alpha Omega Management. Had you stayed in touch with Alex throughout the years, before signing with him, and how has he helped Mechanical God Creation to evolve?

Lucy: I know Alex since many years, he is a good friend and he helped a lot my band. I recorded all the vocals of both albums in his studio and working with him I grown up musically. He is a good producer , a professional manager and a funny guy J, I am really glad to have signed MGC with his management agency .

Thank you so much for your time , we can’t wait to tour America one day ! Stay metal!

Jay Rollins / Metlaheads Forever Magazine