Omnium Gatherum Interview

Omnium Gatherum

Interview by Gothik Divaa

In this issue of “Metalheads Forever” magazine we are accompanied by the Finnish metal band “Omnium Gatherum”. They are going to talk about their career and the projects for  this 2018.

Answers by Jukka/vocalist

Hello guys … How are you today? Greetings from Mexico City!


HEY! We are super good thank you very much.


The band has a 22-year career in Finland, in your experience. How do you think the metal scene has evolved in your country?


Yes. Years have gone fast indeed. The evolution curve of metal in Finland reaches about thirty years in the past. At first there were not so many metal bands because of the times and the fact that it was the 1980´s. In the nineties it begun to change though. A lot of metal acts were surfacing in Finland. Sentenced and Amorphis to name a few. This gave rise to a wave of metal bands and a lot of them exist even today. I think the high quality and brave attitude of finnish metal bands and the hard working mentality are the main reasons why the genre is so lively in Finland.


In the beginning you started with Melodic Death Metal but in these years you have had  changes in your sound and last works well more (Progressive Metal) How has that musical fusion been for you?


Yes we did start like that and went to more progressive sounds but I think today the music is very much modern melodic death metal with OG signature stamped on it. It is always about quality though. The thing is that we  set the standards for ourselves pretty high but are not afraid to try new things. This happens of course keeping in mind our own unique style because one must have a certain logic concerning one’s own music. Talking about fusing different styles. That is always an ongoing process and it depends the time and the mood when new material is made. So it is kind of circular thing also.


For me, my favorite album it’s “Beyond” (2013) and of course my favorite song is “The Unknowing”, which comes in this album, but for you, What is your favorite album and song of all your discography?


My favorite album still is ´The Redshift´from 2008. The new album ´The Burning Cold´is maybe something better even for me personally. The favorite song at the moment is Óver the battlefield´from the new album.


On the other hand, your most recent album is “Grey Heavens” (2016). How was the creative process of this project?


Our style of composing is mostly happening in home studios. Our composers (mainly Markus and Joonas) come up with riffs and melodies. They usually send these to our vocalist who then starts to build lyrics, ideas and themes around them. This process can last surprisingly long sometimes. But when searching for perfect songs it really is worth every second. We do not settle for little but want achieve quality results as our songs. This is a natural way for us to write new material. After this period we meet as a group and have a long weekend for example to play the new stuff and produce it together. So our style is a mix of old school rehearsal room music making and the newer style of doing demos and sending them back and forth. This style really soothe us because our members live in different cities in Finland.

What has been the feedback of the fans with this work?


Live feedback has been amazing. I think people like our style of aggression and passionate attitude on stage. We don´t stand around but like to be super active on stage so we bring the song live playing live.


In my experience I was able to see “Omnium Gatherum” for the first time in Mexico City (2017) at “That Lethal Show” festival with “Grave” from Sweden (Death Metal) and “Orphaned Land” (Folk Metal)  from Israel… I think that for you it was also your first time in the country. How was that experience for you and what do you think about the Mexican fans?


It was really good. That was our first time in Mexico and of course we will be back. You guys  how to party. The crowds there seemed to enjoy the show so why the hell not come back. It is always super cool to visit new places and meet new fans so these things really are one of the main reasons why we love this thing so much. I think it gives a lot to people to see their favorite acts live and have the experience to meet with us and maybes have a beer and talk shit with us. It makes us happy and it makes you guys happy so it is perfect.


I’m curious… Are you planning to come back to Mexico City or another part of Latin America into the future?


Of course we are! Just wait and see.


Changing the subject … you have for September and October 2018 a tour in North America, along with bands that have a long career as yours within the musical genre that each one handles. Amorphis from Finland (Gothic/ Folk/ Progressive Metal), Dark Tranquillity from Sweden (Melodic Death Metal) and Moonspell from Portugal (Gothic Metal).How do you feel about being part of this tour?And finally … After finishing this tour, what’s next for “Omnium Gatherum” in this 2018?


More touring of course. We are going on a mini tour in Finland after the US and after that we take on Europe with our buddies in Wolfheart. So it is going to be busy busy busy until christmas. More touring coming in 2019. Jeah baby!


Thank you so much for your time, for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, have a nice day and good luck with all your projects for this 2018,


Thank YOU and stay METAL!!!!!


MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa