KZRN’s Top 5 Albums: Answered by Caiden Crafts Vocalist and Manager.

It’s very hard for me to choose albums that are better than others but I’ll have a shot.

1. Alter Bridge (AB III)
Alter Bridge are still my favourite band to this date, and this album was such a changeup from the last 2 with a more dark theme resting over it, It was the first album I bought the day it came out and I still love cracking it out

2. Architects (All Our Gods)
Architects have some amazing releases and this is one that my mate kept pushing me to listen to. He’d play it in the car for me or just send me a song online. In the end whilst on tour in Melbourne he bought the CD for me as insistant as he was. I put it in my 6 stacker CD in my car and it hasn’t left it since 

3. Killswitch Engage (As Daylight Dies, Deluxe)KSE were introduced to me by WWE as were Alter Bridge. Edge and CM Punk we’re my favourite wrestlers and their theme songs were also my faves. This Fire Burns was on the Deluxe edition of As Daylight Dies that I spent a lot of my school years listening too, and I still take inspiration from it for KZRNs writing. 

4. Spiritbox (Eternal Blue)
This is one of my favourite albums of the modern day. I was shown Spiritbox by friends and since then I’ve had their tunes on repeat. A lot of KZRNs inspiration comes from Spiritbox, not all from the music, but this album was one that I was so excited to hear for a long time and it doesn’t disappoint.

5. Ice Nine Kills (Silver Scream & Horrorwood)
I have to group these two together. Travis himself got me onto Horrorwood, and thus I found Silver Scream, and I don’t think I listened to anything else for a whole month except for these two albums, they also have a lot of inspiration that has been poured into KZRN, nothing that’s been seen yet, but some future releases for sure”