Ten Minutes With Justin Furstenfeld Of Blue October

Hello Justin, How are you today? I’m Keith from Metalheads Forever Magazine
Hey Man, I’m doing great, where are you from?
I’m From India
Wow this is my first Interview with India

Firstly I wanted to thank you for putting up amazing albums so far, I fuckin love you guys, you are amazing?
You are amazing my friend.

You have recently done a movie called “Get Back Up”, can you tell me about this?
It’s about my struggle with depression and drug addiction over the years, It’s to let people know that if you work hard you can get over it.

Are you completely out of depression and Substance abuse now?
Yes, 8 years now, It’s a beautiful life

My Oh My, has been topping the charts in US and around the World, how do you feel about it?
I love it and people love it, it’s a beautiful song, romantic and I really like it and its on #17 on the radio here right now.

It’ a great song Justin, I really loved it?
Thanks Keith

The album “This Is What I Live For” is more about Interpersonal Relationships, any particular reason for choosing this?
It’s about depression, living with it, Instead of complaining about it, you can overcome with relationships, with love, with family, friends, and this life is amazing and so beautiful.

It’s been 25 Years in making music, how do you feel about this journey?
It doesn’t feel like 25 years now, It was so amazing, the band is like a family to be honest. I’m so happy about it.

You started the band when you were in high school and now you are an adult, how do you see the road that you have travelled?
I’m glad the man I’m today, the things have been hard on the road, but family and music has changed everything and I’m glad the man I’m today.

What would be the special moments in life?
Kids, Family and Music

What would you like to tell to the fans about the upcoming album?
We worked hard on this album, We love Rock N Roll, and I’m sure you will enjoy this

Embracing the darkness and feeling the romance in life again, what do you convey through this message?
It’s about all the goodness, no matter what has happened, great things will come again, Like our songs bring great memories, This is what i wanted to convey.

What would be the message for the fans?
Thanks for being there with us all these years, I have put my heart and soul into this new album, Listen to it and will meet soon

Keith, Thanks for staying late for this Interview with me, I’m overwhelmed my friend, God Bless