The Danish Legends Are Back : An Interview With Metal Cross

Thirty-eight years after their first rehearsal, seven years after their now mythical concert reunion at Metal Magic Festival, Danish cult heavy metal band METAL CROSS is now ready to announce its first studio album, “Soul Ripper”. The upcoming and long-awaited full-length record shows a band on top of their game, melting together the classic heavy metal of their now cult 80’s demos “Crucifying The Virgins” and “M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E.” with a renewed power and energy. It will indeed rip your soul and leave you thirsty for more from this Scandinavian heavy metal powerhouse.

Soul Ripper was out on February 25 in Denmark and Worldwide, It was my pleasure to have the legends for an Interview. Check out the complete Interview on YouTube below.

“Soul Ripper” tracklist:

1. My Time
2. Soul Ripper
3. Written In The Sand
4. Fall Of Cimbria
5. Distasteful Party
6. Memento Mori
7. The Drone
8. Vernal Equinox

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The Band

Michael Steen Sørensen: lead guitar
Peter Mogensen: drums
Jon Lybæk: rhythm guitar
Ole Quist: bass
Esben Fosgerau Juhl: vocals

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