The Dragon Rises Again – An Interview With Sebastian Of “Dragonbreed”

What lasts a long time becomes one! The history of the melodic death metal flagships Graveworm and Suidakra has always been closely connected. They started out on the same label, toured together and developed deep friendships that have lasted until today. 

It happened that during the songwriting for the current Suidakra longplayer “Wolfbite” several songs came up that didn’t really fit to Suidakra, but with their raw sound, groove and melodies they brought back memories of the old times at the beginning of the nineties and demanded to be released. So Akki and Zachi (the former Suidakra bassist) knocked on the door of some old companions to complete the time travel experiment and were joined by Graveworm singer Stefano Fiori. They were completed by current Suidakra members Sebastian and Ken to unleash this debut album on mankind. So it’s no surprise that “Necrohedron” sounds exactly like this: raw, inspired by the spirit of their early years together, paired with the skills and finesse of today!

It was my pleasure to have Sebastian on the Interview to talk about the album and much more, Check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.


  1. The Undying
  2. Summoning The Arcane
  3. The World Beyond
  4. Sinister Omen
  5. Dawn Of Calamity
  6. Offerings From Yonder
  7. Curse Of The Forlorn
  8. A Reconstruction Of Aeons Obscure

The Band

Stefano Fiori – vocals
Arkadius „Akki“ Antoik – guitars
Sebastian Jensen – guitars
Christoph „Zachi“ Zacharowski – bass
Ken Jentzen – drums