The End A.D. Interview

The End A.D. Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever, I’m Keith the Editor-In-Chief for the mag, how are you doing? “The Smell of Despair” came out in September, how successful was it and how was your thoughts towards it, does it felt that you accomplished it real good.


Ami Friend, Singer: On YouTube, there is a cellphone video of us in the studio, and I’m laying down vocals to “I Feel Like Death”. It’s just raw and amazing, I felt electrified during that take and listening afterwards there were a few screams that gave me goosebumps! That song in particular has such a message of hope and survival, despite the name. In my 20’s I was a hopeless opiate addict on a methadone clinic in Philly. And now, in my 40s, I get to experience a renaissance of creativity and vitality, to turn that pain into Art.

I think there’s something for everyone on the EP, but people’s favorite song seems to be “Enemy Action” with the thunderous double bass drums at the end.

I loved recording with The End AD, how many bands can say they laid down tracks with a full grown wolf howling along?


Lorin Savadove, Drums: Coming into this release we have a new lineup and the recording process was stress free and so much fun to watch Ami lay down her vocals. Our new songs have more of a Punk/Metal vibe to them which is what we are the most comfortable playing unfortunately we kind of strayed from that writing style on our Scorched Earth release but with our new line up we are back on track.


Paul Juestrich, Guitar: Hard to say at this point. This EP is an independent release with the hope of signing with another label real soon. So far it has been received well and getting label interest so that’s awesome. Hopefully something gets done! As far as the new material, it’s been completely liberating. A new singer and bassist lead to a fresh songwriting approach resulting in a much harder punk edge but still maintaining our metal side. Besides bar shows, we are starting to play more house parties and underground warehouse gigs with all styles of Grind and Hardcore bands.   

Was there any particular reason for changing to Kill Time Records from Massacre Records?

Paul Juestrich, Guitar: We really enjoyed working with Massacre they were so good to us. I think after 3 members leaving from the original lineup Lorin and I needed some time to regroup and change musical direction, I believe that combination was the reason for the split.


How it all did started for you guys, can you walk us through a brief history?

Lorin Savadove, Drums: I’ve Known Paul since the mid 80’s and his band Deadspot was destroying all of the Eastcoast and always wished I could either be in a band like Deadspot or somehow steal Paul for one of my bands. Finally in 2014 I asked Paul once again probably the millionth time by now if he would like to start a band and he agreed.

Paul Juestrich, Guitar: Well I guess we need go back to 1985. At that time I was in Deadspot a thrash/hardcore band playing mostly in and around Philly warehouses/basements and small bars. It wasn’t until a couple years later we got an opportunity to open for Suicidal Tendencies at The Empire Rock Club, a much larger venue known for booking 80’s hair metal bands. I met Lorin who was already playing there regularly and we became friends ever since.


Having a female fronted band is the new thing in metal, what is your thoughts on this?

Ami Friend, Singer: Coming from a punk back round,  I don’t find the idea of a female fronted band to be anything unusual. Indeed, every band I’ve been in has been female fronted! My preference has always been for strong women vocalists: Joan Jett, Wendy O., Lene Lovitch, Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, to name a few. Being in a more metal genre now, I have to say at gigs I am sometimes the only chick at a sausage fest, and I love when we play with other female fronted bands, like Infernal Opera.

I feel I bring a sensuality and an aspect of the dark, powerful, sacred feminine to the music, an anger and an aggression different from that of a man, and that makes it more interesting and perhaps a little intimidating, or so I’ve been told


Lorin Savadove, Drums: I am definitely noticing a lot more females in bands now and I think its awesome. For me personally though almost all the bands I’ve played in were fronted by a woman and I love the dynamics that a woman’s vocals can bring to a song. Some of the past bands I jammed in that were fronted by a female were, Savage Silence, Fear of God and Shotgun Wedding so for me it’s not to new.

Paul Juestrich, Guitar: Not sure at first, all the bands I’ve played with over the years had male singers who were good friends with strong screaming styles, a band of brothers type of thing. I never really thought about it, I guess just ignorance on my part. Ami showed up at tryout so confident and prepared she just blew us away with her combination of melodic and high energy power vocals. So amazing, we are so lucky to have her in this band.


How good is the support overall for the band? Do you feel if something can be done  to make a change to lot of things that become an obstacle for modern day bands?

Lorin Savadove, Drums: A lot has changed since the glory days of packed venues on any given night of the 80’s and 90’s. Its harder to get people out to your shows and with the whole pay to play attitude amongst the promoters and club owners it can get frustrating and depressing at the same time but every now and then we will get a killer show and it reminds us of how special playing in a band is.


What are the plans for the band this year and in 2019?

Lorin Savadove, Drums: The End A.D got signed to a new label witch we are very excited about. We will be announcing that news probably in late November. We are extremely excited about the work this label has done with the bands on their roster and can’t wait to start working with them. We will be distributed world wide via Soulfood which is amazing and our new full length album will be released in June of 2019. Look for singles and new videos from The End A.D. to be released as soon as December of 2018.

Paul Juestrich, Guitar: Definitely to play live more in 2019 and hopefully get a festival invite either in the states or overseas. We averaged 2 shows a month this year and would love to play more. We are also making plans to record our first full length and video with our new Ami powered lineup!


Any message for the readers and fan?

Ami Friend, Singer: Anyone out there thinking about going to a show, playing music, or doing anything at all creative, don’t wait! I’ve discovered The Universe has your back, anytime you take steps in the direction of your desire, it takes a hundred more towards you. Fronting The End A.D. is exciting, magical, cathartic, exhilarating, and I love my bandmates and will always be forever grateful. Feel free to send me messages, I’m very friendly, it says so right in my name, haha. I’ll write back as much as I’m able. I’m on Twitter @amifriend40_ami  Instagram @AmiTheEndAD and of course our Facebook and band camp. I’ll keep everybody posted as to what we’re up to, thank you so much for the support!

Lorin Savadove Drums: Thank you so much for your support I feel so lucky everyday to still be able to make music and truly am grateful for the friends I have in this band.

Paul Juestrich, Guitar: Check out the new lineup and our 4 song EP “The Smell of Despair”, hope you all dig it… we do!

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement