The Serpent Rises Again This December | An Interview With Serpent Lord

Heavy metal in its darker and most occult form is the proposition of SERPENT LORD (GR), a band coming from the land of heavy metal – Greece – with the will and the power to conquer the world. And that is exactly what they promise to do with “Apocrypha”, their second studio album, which brings nine hymns of sacred heavy metal, wrapped in a blanket of occult atmosphere and in-depth, cryptic lyrics full of symbolic meanings.’

Apocrypha is scheduled to be out on December 17, 2021

It was a pleasure an honor to have Konstantinos Sotirelis of the Serpent Lord. The Mastermind and a great human with loads of greatness from the great land of Greece. Check out the below Interview in YouTube for the complete Coverage.

Apocrypha TrackListing

  1. The Final Horseman
  2. Divine Plane
  3. Hail To Nothingness
  4. Love Covenant
  5. Inner Darkness
  6. Damned To Live
  7. Evil Source
  8. Humanity’s End
  9. Cursed Roots

Music Videos

Serpent Lord Are

Konstantinos Sotirelis: bass, back vocals
Marios Arikas: vocals
Giorgos Terzitanos: guitars, back vocals
Lazaros Bouroutzoglou: guitars

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