Thomas Silver Interview

Thomas Silver Interview

By Chelf

Releasing a new album is bringing a lot of attention to an artist. How does it feel to be “on the public eye”?

It feels great, been sitting on this album for some time now and when I get so great response I feel blessed in a way. It’s great to have the opportunity to share this album with you guys. To be on stage with this band is lots of fun. Love these guys. The whole band is Italian, so is the labels (Volcano Records for cd and digital and Night of the vinyl dead for vinyl )and my guitar endorsement with Valenti guitars is also Italian. Same with booking agency and cover art work artist. All Italian. Better move here soon.

I bet you’re now spending a lot of time in a studio. Describe your working space, please. Are you methodical and keep everything organized or do you thrive on a habitually messy environment?

The Gospel According to Thomas have been ready since 2015 and was recorded in 2014 by Kane Bennett who is from NZ. It was recorded in Sweden outside Gothenburg. I like have to have everything organized, can’t relax otherwise. It’s funny how life can change a person. Before I didn’t mind so much. I feel like a new person now, no more substances, 100% clean these days. I feel like I’m 25 years of age again.

Are you more creative when you are in a good mood or do you get a boost of productivity when you are sad?

I always had a complete writers block when I am sad or down. I write best when I am happy. I am a very sensitive guy so there has to be a head without any issues for me to compose. Some people are the opposite I know that. But for me it’s tranquility that does it. I read a lot of books and take 90% inspiration from that. Can’t even read when something is troubling me.

You are releasing a solo album, “The gospel according to Thomas”. What are the perks of working on a solo project instead of being in a band?

It’s like switching from black and white to full color tv. So different from being part of a band. I loved my time in HCSS and I love the guys to death, but by myself it’s completely different. I still write with other people but now I know it’s my decisions that are final. That feels really good. With four strong wills in a band it is sometimes very difficult but also very interesting in a way. I co wrote this album with my producer Kane Bennett, one song with Andreas Kleerup and a few other guys. I need that. I am not a good songwriter all by myself. In hcss, Adde and me always did most songs together. The ones I came up with that is. Now I am so pleased to work with Volcano and especially Alessandro, who is the main man. Sometimes you just hit it off directly with some people. He is one of them. Great guy.

And how about the cons?

No cons! I make cons disappear. I have to. If they appear I must rise above them cons all alone. I have so great band members here in Italy and the most perfect girlfriend so I have all the support I need.

2018 is almost over. Can you reflect on a moment from that year that had an impact on you?

Yes, definitely when I took the choice to never ever drink or smoke any more. It’s life changing and I know there’s a long road ahead but I never been ready for it before. You kinda feel when it’s the right time. If it’s not time you only lie to yourself and I have been doing that to many times in my life.

Any “Crazy Dreams” for the upcoming year?

Well I guess I am ready for what ever is there for me. Dreams are great but reality is here and now. That’s why it’s called the “present” you know. Like a gift. I hope people will enjoy the album. I am very proud of the result. It’s my story, since I left HCSS. There’s a lot of deep meanings in this album.

Good luck with everything Thomas, on a night like this may all those crazy dreams come true, Thanks a lot. Hope to see you soon.

MHF Magazine/Chelf