5 more questions with Kory Clarke

By Chelf


I once had my five questions interview with Kory.

It wasn’t enough and I came back for more.

I know you feel this way too, so keep on reading.

With a new “ROCK ‘N ROLL DISEASE” under his belt and live shows around the world he sure has a lot to share.

  1. Kory, how did you catch the disease?

It’s not my fault! I am from Detroit, what do you think, rock is catchy.

  1. “We live on credit, we live on dope, there’s no promises When you’re livin’ on hope”- Blown Away (lyrics by Kory Clarke). There’s been a lot of speculation lately about the ‘death of the rock star’. We keep losing them, but we don’t make any new ones. What are doing wrong?

No.1  Too much disco diva music, empty without writing for what we are fighting for.

No.2 too much selfies and cell phones. The age of the selfish ‘culture’.

No. 3. Rock isn’t just background music like the music we hear today is.

  1. Do you wear band tees? What’s the last band tee you wore?


4.Warrior Soul shows aren’t just gigs. They are profane sermons delivered with high velocity and maximum volume. Coming up: Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. Let’s get socio-political. How do you choose your gigs and besides music what’s the message you want to convey?

Freedom for all and this empty experiment of the elite money controllers who want to decimate our culture, we understand what they are doing and will fight them forever.

  1. What’s the most valuable metal-related item you own?

I don’t own any metal or plastic…well maybe my new hipflask… haha


Stop Trump and his friends from ripping us off now and make this planet a livable place for all.

 Kory Clarke.


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