Press release from shredguy records

Guitarist Lars Lind, is working on his follow up to his critically acclaimed release
Soul Kicker(released late 2015 on Shredguy Records).
The album is titled River Flame, and it will be an all instrumental effort.
Joining Lars on this album once again is drummer John Macaluso(ex TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK),
who finished the drum tracks in September. The album will have ten tracks which will be more on the
heavier side than Soul Kicker was.
Keeping busy, Lars is also working with vocalist Jan Le Brandt on a single titled “Here I Am”.
The track is being recorded at Lars Rocking Well studio in Norway.
The two of them will also be touring Norway with the band Svigermord.

In other Shredguy news, Shredguy’s tribute to Europe (featuring Michael Sean McDowell on lead and rhythm guitars) is beginning to see the light of day, with a full release scheduled for 2018. The album, besides featuring the Shredguy owner, will also
have some up and coming players from Indonesia and Brunai. Stay tuned for more details