Adelaide Hardcore Quartet OVTSIDER Release ‘A Necessary End’ 2-Track Compilation

Adelaide Hardcore Quartet Release ‘A Necessary End’ 2-Track Compilation

Adelaide Hardcore Heavyweights Ovtsider recently released their crushing new compilation ‘A Necessary End’. In honour of their new release, they are back with an Official Music Video accompanying the relentless riffage for their visceral soundscapes.

Both ‘Disgust’ & ‘Decay’ open with a merciless punch of sonic onslaught wrapped in an 80’s style short film featuring flashes of horror imagery. Lyrically the theme is a continuation of the band’s previous singles ‘Blood’, and ‘Coward’, except this time the subject is transitioning from anger into pain – a universal experience in the current climate marred with uncertainty and isolation. Flaunting a broad spectrum of Ovtsider’s songwriting skills, expansive choice of tones and grooves, stripped-back passages interweaved with ominous leads and a healthy smattering of Tom Drizners powerhouse vocals, ‘A Necessary End’ is a ferocious compilation.

Drizners on the new release “Both ‘Disgust’ and ‘Decay’ play on the opening line ‘Hear my pain’; a lot of the time when you have strong admiration for people when you finally take a step back and see the pain they have been causing by being manipulative narcissists your whole world can be rattled. When it came time for the music videos we decided to try something new with the idea of making them flow together for a ‘short film’ vibe. This was done by filming green screen footage (filmed by Tom and Coen), Tom then edited together a music video with the footage and we reached out to a videographer (Pangaksama) to give it the glitch-fever style seen. This gave us the ability to experiment with something new, as well as have more options for editing styles and update it as our release artwork all started to come together. The closed captions seen throughout the video may be seen as for the ‘horror movie’ aesthetic, but it was decided that we want to try and do our best to be more accessible and add them for those who may be hard of hearing.”

Following successful releases of singles such as ‘Blood’ and ‘Coward’, the band shared stages with Heavyweights such as Justice For The Damned, Starve, and DREGG. Now with the release of  ‘A Necessary End’, Ovtsider are back and hungrier than ever!

‘A Necessary End’ is Out Now via

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Written by Josh Lim, Coen Miller, Harry Mason & Tom Drizners
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Jarred Nettle, House Of Sap
Photography by Ethan Zahorodnyj, @oversimplified_complications
Music Video byTom Drizners & Coen Miller
Additional Graphics & Titles by Tom Drizners
Artwork by Tom Drizners