ADIANT release new single “Coronation” from upcoming album!

On 19 November “Killing Dreams”, the debut album of the symphonic melodic death metallers Adiant, will be released. The album was recorded and produced by Thomas Reinisch at Redhead Studios. Contains 10 tracks, which are mainly characterized by the haunting vocals of singer Patricia Gschier. Philipp Wilfinger/Audiophil is responsible for the mastering. Now, you can listen to the new single “Coronation” as a pre-release on the MDD YouTube channel. Get your copy of this impressive debut album and pre-order at the MDD Shop.


  1. Coronation
  2. Killing Dreams
  3. Hiding Place
  4. Give Us A Voice
  5. Beloved Distance
  6. Lighthearted
  7. Burning Bridges
  8. Psychosis
  9. Insatiable
  10. Witches Dance