AFTERMYFALL – Adversity (SetMeFree) First Release of 2022

AFTERMYFALL – Adversity (SetMeFree) 

First Release of 2022 + Lead Single of Forthcoming EP

Hardcore and Metalcore artist AFTERMYFALL poignantly dissects his reality of living with depression and dissociation in “Adversity (SetMeFree), out May 27th on Welcome Records. Recently signed to the label, AFTERMYFALL’s “Adversity (SetMeFree)” is his inaugural release with the prestigious label celebrating the artist’s electronic-metal genre hybrid. The single is the first from his upcoming EP with Welcome Records, set to release later this Summer 2022. The songwriter, producer, and vocalist lays bare the dread that comes with the symptoms of mental illness in the dark and emotive new single, which marks a new era for the artist. Listen to “Adversity (SetMeFree)”:

Adversity (SetMeFree)” is accompanied by a video created in collaboration with Holly Singh and 7blackblades, who handled all the video’s cinematography. The visuals for the song feature AFTERMYFALL in a surrealistic nightmare, representing the feelings of loss of control that depression and dissociation can arise.

When writing the lyrics, AFTERMYFALL focused on “the fight to break free from mental hardship and how facing true adversity can sometimes lead to mental clarity. [When] reaching a breaking point where you’re left with two options, you can sink or swim.” Setting the tone for his signing with Welcome Records, “Adversity (SetMeFree)” shows AFTERMYFALL is ready for whatever comes his way.


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Photo Credit: Holly Singh

Authenticity is at the core of everything AFTERMYFALL creates. Following a difficult period in his life, AFTERMYFALL (known to his friends as Andy) began making music that reflected the growth and struggle in his creative journey as an artist. “I am constantly evolving with my craft and myself as a person,” he shares, citing that “writing music has helped tremendously and keeps me hopeful for the future.” Fusing a magnetic mix of metalcore and electronic elements, AFTERMYFALL is determined to continue to write songs that showcase his raw emotion, empathy, and layered storytelling. His love of music came early—after picking up a bass guitar at age 10, the experimental-metal artist started to write his own songs and later began producing. 

AFTERMYFALL can craft deeply personal, relatable narratives woven tightly with experimental, hardcore sounds as a thoroughly DIY artist. Limitless in scope, AFTERMYFALL is unafraid to take creative risks. This fearlessness led to his recent signing with Welcome Records, influential producer, and DJ Kayzo’s label breaking down barriers between electronic and metal. Blending genres such as metalcore, hardcore, electronic, shoegaze, and even grunge and darkwave, AFTERMYFALL’s upcoming releases with Welcome Records signify a new story-driven chapter of his sound. 

In early 2021, AFTERMYFALL released his compelling debut single, “JustSurviveSomehow,” encapsulating his adventurous, emotive sound and lyricism. Followed by his double-sided single, “The Sound of Static,” showcases his versatility in both genre and songwriting. Released during Mental Awareness Month, the dual singles examine and unpack the complexity of his anxiety and depression; both singles reflect the ways anxiety impacts us.