“Afterworld” New Album From CARCARIASS

CARCARIASS is a Metal band from France.
Existing for more than 25 years, the current line-up is Pascal Lanquetin (All guitars and Music Composition), Jérôme Thomas (Vocals), Raphaël Couturier (Bass), Bertrand Simonin (Drums) and Bob (Rhythm guitar only for gigs).

The music of CARCARIASS is going from Death Metal to Heavy Metal. A powerful and melodic music with many instrumental passages that follow each other with extreme fluidity.

The name CARCARIASS comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the latin name of the Great White Shark.
During many years CARCARIASS played at many concerts and festivals in France and Europe (like HELLFEST).

In 2023, release of the new album «Afterworld» (the 6th album of the band). This album was recorded and mixed by DROP at Downtone Studio in SWITZERLAND and mastered by JENS BOGREN at Fascination Street Studio in SWEDEN. The album is distributed by SEASON OF MIST Distribution.

About  the new álbum:

Release date: April 14th, 2023 ORIGIN: FRANCE
Genre: Melodic & Progressive Death metal

1.​NO AFTERMATH : The permanent war, always and without end. The perpetual crushing machine.
2.​BILLIONS OF SUNS : Gigantic Intergalactic Empire and its Inquisition, which ensures that the immutable word of the God-Emperor is respected to the ends of the universe… (Inspiration ” W40k “)
3.​IDENTITY : How does one define a person’s identity in a future where one’s body changes like one’s shirt ? (Inspi Carbone modified)
4.​ANGST : The disease that eats away, it is double meaning and addresses as much to the tumor that grows as to the victim…
5.​FALL OF AN EMPIRE (Instrumental) : This instrumental evokes the fall of an empire whatever it is, any empire which knows its apogee ends up collapsing
6.​BLACK RAIN: The stalker, the prey and the hunter, in a love-hate relationship that will end badly… (Inspi Blade Runner)
7.​GENERATIONAL ROT: A portrait of a degenerate family, where madness has taken the last of them…
8.​THE HIVE : A futuristic mega-city where the only escape is drugs and extreme violence for the recluse of the system…
9.​MACHINE KULT: A futuristic technological middle-age, where the machine is worshipped as a God
10.​AFTERWORLD: (Instrumental) after extreme pollution and vital resources dwindling, the world ends up solving its problems with a nuclear conflict, and destroys all life on Earth, it is the « AFTERWORLD »!

The cover is the representation of the world after !   

Current line-up :

Pascal Lanquetin: musical composition and lead guitars
Jerome Thomas: vocals
Bertrand Simonin: drums
Raphaël Couturier: bass
Bob: rhythm guitar

FACEBOOK:  ​​​​www.facebook.com/carcariass
MUSIC PLATEFROMS LINK:​​https://ffm.to/3p2d8aa
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ​​​www.carcariass.com
VIDEO NEW ALBUM: No Aftermath: ​www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLat8suKxGs
VIDEO NEW ALBUM: The Hive:​​www.youtube.com/watch?v=xheJofd-ukI