Age of Reborn released debut EP

Age of Reborn released debut EP

Colombian Speed/Thrash Metal band Age of Reborn released their debut self-titled EP.
Age of Reborn was formed in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia by JD Reborn (Guitarist, Composer & ex-member of “BARBARIAN”), Johan Zummon (Composer, Vocalist, Guitarist and member of “CHAINSAW KILLER”) and Rafa Zummon (Drummer, Composer and member of “CHAINSAW KILLER” & “ROTTING BLOOD”). In 2016 David Bustos (bass player, composer & ex-member of  “OF WHAT”) joined the band and the lineup was completed.
1. Stupid Minds 04:14
2. Desire of Vengance 03:03
3. Promotors of Violence 05:04
4. Labyrinth (Maze and Cobweb) 04:17
5. Age of Reborn 05:08
6. World of Lies 04:27