AHTME Release Guitar Play Through Video At Gear Gods

AHTME Release Guitar Play Through Video At Gear Gods

Kansas City based tech death monsters AHTME have released a guitar play through for their song “To Exist” at Gear Gods who said of the track “…if you’re a fan of riffs, and we mean solid riffs, this tune is for you. Featuring some classic death metal riffage, as well as a searing guitar solo, these guys have convinced us that they are onto something here.”

The video features guitarist Dalton Harper’s outstanding command of brutal, technical death metal riffing and searing, blistering guitar solos.

AHTME commented, “To Exist” is one of our favorite tracks off of Sewerborn, and surprisingly also one of the oldest at over 8 years old. Lyrically it’s one of the more direct songs, touching on a few concepts, but mostly floating around the fact that existence is inescapable outside of death.”

“To Exist” is off of AHTME’s sickeningly brutal newest full length Sewerborn, which same out last year.

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