Alex Meister announces album “Rock And a Hard Place”

Alex Meister announces album “Rock And a Hard Place” and releases music video for “Game of Love”

Veteran Brazilian hard rock guitarist debuts as a vocalist on an album that combines reinterpretations of classics from his career with unpublished compositions 

After making a name for himself in the history of Brazilian hard rock ahead of classic bands such as PLEASURE MAKER and MARENNA-MEISTER , guitarist ALEX MEISTER announced the release of his second solo album, called “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” , which will be the sixth your career.

Formed from reinterpretations of songs that were part of the history of ALEX MEISTER , as well as unpublished compositions, the album is scheduled for release on December 9th. In the meantime, fans can check out the first single “GAME OF LOVE” , which won a music video and can be watched below.

About the composition process of “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” , ALEX MEISTERexplains that nothing was very planned, but that he decided to bet on the combination of re-recordings with unpublished compositions – only with the novelty of being his debut also as a vocalist.

“This process started when I re-released ‘ JUST THINKIN’ ABOUT YOU’ , still in 2019. I thought about re-recording it because it has an important sentimental and professional value for me. I deserved a new face with my voice. I was never a lead vocal, I only did backing vocals. That has changed too. It was a very curious work of self-knowledge! Afterwards, I also re-released the single from ‘HARD TO SAY GOODBYE’ . So, I thought: What if I did a retelling of ‘IT AIN’T ABOUT LOVE’ ? She had been my biggest single with Pleasure Maker. That’s how it all started,”explained ALEX MEISTER.

The first single “GAME OF LOVE” is one of the new compositions that appear in “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE”. According to the guitarist, the stories of the lyrics and the music video fit perfectly with the song’s proposal to rescue the golden phase of hard rock in the 1980s.

“I was very pleased with the result of both the song and the music video. The people who produced it were the same from the time of MARENNA-MEISTER and also from ‘ HARD TO SAY GOODBYE’ . The history of the clip is very cool. There’s a couple and there’s a story between them, you know? It has a script behind it to tell and it was really cool. I think it all turned out really well. The edit was excellent! I’m sure everyone will like it.”

While ALEX MEISTER fans await more information about “ROCK AND A HARD PLACE” , which will be released later, the guitarist summarized what awaits them over the tracks of his second solo effort.

“This work is a reinforcement of everything I’ve done before. It’s the various facets of hard rock, but with my vision. It has a lot of guitar, with riffs and solos, chorus and several hooks! These are songs that stick in your head, you know? It’s the consolidation of my entire career. If you are a fan of hard rock and connect with bands like DOKKEN , RAT and DEF LEPPARD , you will certainly connect with my work. Anyone who knows my work with PLEASURE MAKER and MARENNA-MEISTER can be sure you will find the same signature, only going deeper into the musicality!” , summarized ALEX MEISTER. 

Guitarist for over 30 years, ALEX MEISTER started his career at THOTEN – where he performed in several places in Brazil and at the iconic Gods Of Metal festival (Milan, 1998), alongside names like MOTÖRHEAD and WHITESNAKE .
Throughout his successful career, he has released 5 studio albums: “LOVE ON THE ROCKS” (Pleasure Maker, 2004), “TWISTED DESIRE” (Pleasure Maker, 2008), “MY WAY” (Solo, 2011), ” DANCIN’ WITH DANGER” (Pleasure Maker, 2018) and “OUT OF REACH” (Marenna-Meister, 2020).

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