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AMIENSUS, still reveling in the critically acclaimed April album release of ‘Reclamation,’ launch the first single from ‘Reclamation’ companion piece. ‘Pt II’ continues where the US Progressive/Black Metal band left off with more lush, panoramic epics blending harsh conditions with chilling melodies and triumphant sorrows. Lead track “The Distance” shows further evidence of the band’s penchant and abilities, made even sweeter with the addition of guest vocals from Lars Nedland (Borknagar, Solefald). The single is available for streaming/download on all digital platforms, or watch the lyric video here

“’The Distance’ was primarily written by one of the founding AMIENSUS members Joe Waller, who last participated with us on our 2020 split with Adora Vivos; and Joe was involved in the formation of the band and on the first two LPs [‘Restoration’ and ‘Ascension’],” explains singer/guitarist James Benson. “We were all very, very excited to have Joe contribute to ‘Reclamation Pt. II,’ and even more excited when Lars Nedland agreed to perform on this track. Lars simply asked for lyrics and took it from there – which was simply astonishing, as you can hear for yourself how beautifully he crafted the melodies on this song. It was a joy to take such a well-written song and have one of our music idols perform so perfectly on it!”

“The Distance” is just one of the songs planned to preview ‘Reclamation Pt II,’ which will be released August 30th on digital and CD, as well as a limited-edition colored vinyl (with digital download code). Pre-orders launch today for these formats at

Once again, Aria Fawn provides unique and complementing artwork for ‘Pt. II’ befitting the band’s sound and vision. “Aria did a great job interpreting the overall messages of each part of this double album, and her skills are unmatched,” states James. “There is beauty, and chaos in all things, condemnation, and redemption, defeats, and victories, and she was able to elegantly capture this through these two paintings. Please follow her on social media.”

James, who also fronts Midwest post-black metal operatives CHROME WAVES, is joined in AMIENSUS with GHOST BATH drummer Chris Piette plus guitarists Alec Rozsa, Kelsey Roe and bassist Todd Farnham.

AMIENSUS formed in Minnesota in 2010 as a project amongst friends, who self-released an EP that same year. It took 3 years for the band to develop into a full group that included expanding their lineup way beyond state lines to find the right talents and mindsets and release the atmospheric black metal must-have album ‘Restoration’ in 2013. Two years later AMIENSUS were back with the more polished and well-received ‘Ascension,’ which introduced Alec and Todd to the ranks. 2017 marked the release of the lengthy EP, ‘All Paths Lead To Death’ (Apathia/Black Lion Records) which saw the band drop some of the heavy orchestration in favor of more melodic death and black metal passages and introduced Chris. In 2020 AMIENSUS signed with Transcending Records to release the heralded ‘Abreaction,’ which now also included Kelsey. That same lineup remains and has recorded ‘Reclamation.’

See what some have written in reference to ‘Reclamation’…

“Easily the group’s best album yet, demonstrating that they more than deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as their more prominent peers… Agalloch, Alcest, Borknagar and Enslaved. – No Clean Singing
“This is an auditory journey like no other—a fusion of raging, intense black metal with glorious melodies that will ignite your soul. It’s a sonic tempest, a whirlwind of ferocity and beauty that will leave you breathless and exhilarated. You’ll be engulfed in the raw power of black metal, with blistering riffs and thunderous drums. Yet within, melodies soar and cascade, weaving a tapestry of beauty and emotion that transcends the brutality of the music. This is an early contender for “Album of the Year” for sure.” – Metal Temple
“An impressive album that shows all of AMIENSUS’ finest features and builds them to a level that the band has not achieved previously, Reclamation part 1 builds further anticipation for its second half, while reminding the metal community that they are still one of the underground’s best kept secrets. Black, death, prog, folk – whatever your flavor, you are going to find plenty of content with Reclamation that will leave you incredibly impressed even if you are already familiar with the band. AMIENSUS have a poignant and genre-pushing masterpiece in their hands… it will more than satiate anyone looking for high quality extreme metal that tosses the traditional boundaries aside for something insightful and far more unique. – Dead Rhetoric

More information on AMIENSUS and the upcoming album release will be revealed in the months to come at and by M-Theory Audio.


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