ANDRZEJ CITOWICZ Returns with New Solo Project & Album “Misery Loves Company”!

Polish Cairo-Based Guitarist/Songwriter ANDRZEJ CITOWICZ Returns with New Solo Project & Album “Misery Loves Company”!

ANDRZEJ CITOWICZ – Polish Cairo-based guitarist and songwriter, former recording artist for Down Boys Records (record label belong to Erik Turner and Jerry Dixon from Warrant band) and also ex-guitarist for T.A.C.E. Project –  is back, after 3 years of break, with his new solo project CITOVITZ AND THE FIREFLIES OF FEBRUARY and a new solo album – “Misery Loves Company”.

Last few months Citowicz  has published on YouTube songs and videos  from the upcoming album, check out the playlist here:

“I want to tell a story through the guitar alone” – Citowicz says, “Few months ago I decided that I will never ever surrender with music. 
I don’t just do it as a hobby – my music and guitar define my existence. Seriously. We all have a unique perspective, and to express that, in an artistic way, nobody can stop me from doing it.
It’s a climb uphill struggle, but it’s worth every moment spent.
That crushing notion really forms my art into something, that’s just totally bulletproof. There are different levels of ambition, but to me, my ambition is only attainable through making music”.

“Life hasn’t been kind to my wife & I” – Citowicz continues – “But let me tell you one thing. If Peter was the rock, then my wife was, is and always will be my rock and my shoulder to lean on. The story behind the album… “Misery loves company” is a saga of all the agony, frustration, pain, betrayal and hardships that has and still going on “Misery loves company” is about needing comforting & support, when times are hard.”

The newest album will feature 20 guitar, instrumental songs, stylistically diverse, but still revolving in the climates of hard rock, classic rock, pop and metal.

This time Citowicz not only composed and played all the songs on the guitar, but also took on the role of creating drums, and was also the sound engineer of the upcoming album. Patryk Szymański  who has accompanied Citowicz in his musical projects for over a decade  and is responsible for the bass guitar.

“The videoclips, that I have been sharing on YouTube are not full songs” – Citowicz say again. “Full songs will be in a limited CD version. Credit is due for Patryk Szymanski, who has been working tirelessly around the clock. He found the time between his daddy duties, obligations, and his job to obtain the best results.  I am beyond grateful is not enough.”

“Misery Loves Company”- limited edition exclusive physical CD’s (and digital release) will take place around August, 2022.

Music / Guitars/ Drums : Andrzej Citowicz
Keys & FX: Andrzej Citowicz
Bass: Patryk Szymański
Mixed & Engineered by Andrzej Citowicz

More info about Citowicz music work and upcoming album you can find on he’s social media.