Anger Overdose: New Blood Of Metal

Anger Overdose is a B-Movie Industrial Prog Metal band fronted by the notorious Rob Zörn and guitarist Brodie Überdosis.

The roots of Anger Overdose start with the death, and resurrection of Zorn, who founded a traveling circus of killers and crazies alike, touring the country in search of souls to keep his voices controlled.

 It is unknown how old Zorn is, but he is no longer human and has not been since he awoke in his cabin 40 years ago.

Brodie is a disgraced professional wrestler bent on returning to his glory days. 

Zorn and Brodie met at an independent wrestling event outside of Shreveport Louisiana. Brodie wasn’t competing that night, but was performing with his punk band Mooseknuckle. 

Zorn was enamored with Brodie’s abilities to hold the crowds attention. Brodie, likewise, found a kindred spirit in Zorn and his unique style of mayhem. 

The two began writing and touring, laying waste to the towns they entered. For Zorn it is a way to continue immortality, and for Brodie, it is a way to live out his lost art, and get rich in the process. 

The current tour will be called “Pillage the Village” and promises to raise the dead by conjuring the emotions of days-of-Metal-pastAll while building a new traveling circus show……one that folks will be DYING to get into. 

They are promoting a new single “Bayou” and  over “symphony of destruction” by Megadeth. 


Megadeth cover: