ARTHUR BROWN releases his new album “Long Long Road” on his 80th anniversary today!

ARTHUR BROWN celebrates his  80th birthday
with the release of his new album
“Long Long Road”

Happy birthday, ARTHUR BROWN! The admired and beloved British singer is celebrating his 80th birthday today, Friday, June 24. The still actively performing artist is not only giving himself a wonderful present in the shape of his latest and already acclaimed album “Long Long Road” (please see below for press voices), which at the same time takes a retrospective look at an outstanding career as a musician who already gained legendary status in the 1960s and that also paves the way for the senior phase of his work with more concerts in the pipeline and another album already on the far horizon. 

Arthur Brown writes: “Gritty, grinding, growling fun, ‘Long Long Road’ is taking you back to my roots of blues, jazz, and soul with layers of Mellotron, Hammond organ, and acoustic elements with a dash of electronic”, the self-proclaimed “God of Hellfire” announces. “This is not a retrospective album but rather an open and raw insight into the spaces that I occupy and collaborate in as a musician. In this case it was done with my good friend, the amazing Rik Patten. Great to see this album finally being revealed in all its beauty to the world today.”

Jadd Shickler comments: “I’d like to extend a personal heartfelt happy birthday to Arthur Brown, and to say again how honored and grateful we at Magnetic Eye Records are to be working with such an icon and legend at this meaningful stage of his life”, the Magnetic Eye label director states. “His new album ‘Long Long Road’ is a massive career milestone, and to be part of bringing it to the world with and for Arthur and all his longtime fans is the best birthday gift we could possibly give. Happy birthday to Arthur and his new album from all of us!”

Martin Koller add: “On behalf of everyone in this company, we wish Arthur Brown a very happy 80th birthday from the bottom of our hearts”, the Prophecy Productions founder writes “It has been nothing but a pleasure and a great honour to work with such a legendary artist and amazing person. May his wonderful ‘Long Long Road’ continue for much longer in the years ahead. We are all looking very mich forward to meet Arthur in person again at Prophecy Fest this year!” 

Early press voices

“80th birthday celebration from the progressive ’60s last great voice'”
PROG magazine (UK)

“Long Long Road carries on this intensely strange and ultimately enjoyable journey in what is already a long and glittering career. Dramatically elegant, extravagant and eccentric, ARTHUR BROWN is still at his very best.”
9/10 Distorted Sound (UK)  

“The man is an enigma, a remarkable talent and a blessed nuisance to fire marshals everywhere.”
Classic Album Review (UK)

“Despite his years, or perhaps because of them, Arthur is still as visionary and challenging as he was at the beginning of his career. This is packed with verve, zeal and wit. With Fire still in his belly, he is deserving of his crown.”
XS Noise (UK)

“…incredibly entertaining…”
15/15 Legacy (DE)

“Defending his legendary status…”
8/10 Classic Rock (DE)

“…goosebump-inducing intensity…”
8/10 Deaf Forever

“A wonderfully lopsided apocalyptic horror blues album…”
5/7 Metal Hammer Germany 

“CD Highlight of the Month”
Good Times (DE)

8.5/10 Slam (AT)

1. Gas Tanks
2. Coffin Confession
3. Going Down
4. Once I Had Illusions (Part 1)
5. I Like Games
6. Shining Brightness
7. The Blues and Messing Round
8. Long Long Road
9. Once I Had Illusions (Part 2)


Pretty much everyone into rock music knows ARTHUR BROWN. Be it via listening to or watching The Who’s rock opera “Tommy” or spending time with The Alan Parsons Project’s classic debut album “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”, most people have encountered Arthur – even if they might not have realised it.

Yet when it comes to THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN’s iconic, career-defining 1968 transatlantic hit single ‘Fire’, everybody knows that this is Arthur – the self-proclaimed God of Hellfire! 

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, when we really ought to start with Arthur’s new full-length masterpiece “Long Long Road”.

Wild, vibrant, and crammed with rich musical textures, his new album is quintessentially ARTHUR BROWN, and can easily be construed as the apex and summary of a fascinating career that has spanned no fewer than seven decades.

Scheduled for release on Arthur’s 80th birthday on June 24, “Long Long Road” effortlessly shifts from progressive rock and soul to pristine blues rock, with the much-loved singer summoning his full vocal range with a mature mastery that comes only with the experience of a lifetime.     

Make no mistake, ARTHUR BROWN is a true rock legend – luckily, one whose star still burns very brightly, making audiences’ jaws drop whenever he takes to the stage.

Born in 1942, this outstanding vocalist and pioneering performer has recently been experiencing a renaissance. Arthur’s ground-breaking work over several decades was honoured at the 2019 Prog Awards, when he received the Visionary Artist Award. In 2021, Arthur was given an HRH Legend Award that celebrates the best of British rock music. Prior to these, Classic Rock magazine bestowed a “Showman Award” on Arthur in 2005. This renewed attention by fans, media and peers in the autumn of his artistic endeavours can be recognised as a long-overdue tribute to an iconic musician, similar to that enjoyed by JOHNNY CASH late in his expansive career.

ARTHUR BROWN‘s legacy has been long appreciated by fellow musicians, writers and dedicated rock fans far beyond the vast shadow cast by his gigantic number 1 hit single ‘Fire’. The iconic track from his 1968 album “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” still maintains its mesmerising power with audiences and peers today. At the same time, it could be argued that the omnipresence of ‘Fire’ has partly obscured Arthur’s many outstanding accomplishments over the 54 years since its release.

To understand the massive impact and influence of ARTHUR BROWN‘s wild stage persona, flamboyant theatrical performances, and charismatic multi-octave voice, one only needs to listen to these rock icons:

“Without Arthur Brown there would be no Alice Cooper.”  ALICE COOPER
“Now there’s a man who was ahead of his time.”  ELTON JOHN
“Arthur Brown was a big influence of mine… Arthur Brown has the voice of death.”  Bruce Dickinson, IRON MAIDEN
“Arthur Brown is as much a dancer as he is a singer.”  Pete Townshend, THE WHO

ARTHUR BROWN is widely recognised as a pioneer of shock rock and progressive rock, and a significant influence on heavy metal. His live performances include iconic classics, dance, poetry, visuals and a subliminal soundtrack of new electronic music. Whenever he plays, Arthur still brings the dramatically elegant and always extravagant style that he established as the gold standard onstage.

During his long and distinguished career, Arthur has been the lead singer of various groups, most notably THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN and KINGDOM COME, along with a cameo in the cult film “Tommy”, in which his dramatic vocals were backed by ERIC CLAPTON and THE WHO. Collaborations include the debut album of THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, DAVID GILMORE, THE PRODIGY, BRUCE DICKINSON, THE STRANGLERS, KULA SHAKER, DIE KRUPPS, and many more.

With each note on “Long Long Road”, ARTHUR BROWN makes the impressive statement that he remains as authentic, challenging, creative, and compelling as he was at his career’s fiery beginning. This record is not a swansong, but the thrilling beginning of the final phase of an utterly singular career.

Release date: June 24, 2022

Arthur Brown – vocals, guitars, piano
Rik Patten – multiple instruments

Recording at Sonic Scoops Studios UK
Produced by Arthur Brown with Rik Patten
Arrangements by Arthur Brown and Rik Patten
Mix&engineering by Rik Patten
Mastering by Marc Urselli

Artwork by Laurie Avon
Photography and imagery by Harvey Waller
Layout & design by Jean Valnoir Simoulin

Style: Psychedelic Bluesrock


Available formats
“Long Long Road” is available as a box set including a 48-page hardcover 2CD artbook, a gatefold 180g orange marble vinyl-LP, a bonus 7″ vinyl single, a wall flag, 4 30×30 cm art prints, and a certificate of authenticity personally signed and hand-numbered by Arthur Brown. The 2CD artbook is also available separately and includes liner-notes by Arthur Brown, enhanced artwork and photography, and two exclusive studio recordings.  “Long Long Road” is furthermore available on black 180g vinyl LP, on transparent red 180g vinyl LP, and as a Digipak CD.