Åskväder ‘Åskväder’ Album Review

Åskväder ‘Åskväder’

Album Review By Adam McCann

The Sign Records/Hard Rock

As far as cities go, Gothenburg has always been a hotbed of musical talent and the city has unleashed hordes of bands upon the world from a variety of different genres. This year, Gothenburg gets ready to catapult Åskväder into the international arena as the Swedes let loose their eponymous debut album into the world.

Translating literally from Swedish as ‘thunderstorm’, ‘Åskväder’ deliver this bold statement with ease. In true power trio form, the threesome keep it loud and simple, there is nothing overly complicated to listen to here; therefore what ‘Åskväder’ delivers is a retro, good time classic 70’s sounding album where the songs are memorable and fun. Tracks such as ‘God’s Grace’ thump along juxtaposing themselves against oozing ballads like ‘Give In’ where blues laden guitar licks and riffs are touched by infectious vocal harmonies that make this album very enjoyable. Alongside a 70’s rock vibe, there is a modern touch here too; ‘Åskväder’ has that good time rock n’ roll party tone also delivered by fellow Nordic bands The Hellacopters and Turbonegro meaning that ‘Åskväder’ goes very well with a beer or five.

As a way to start your professional career, ‘Åskväder’ does it well, there is plenty of room for improvement as the band stretch out and find their true individuality, but for now, sit back, crack a beer and enjoy band hungry success, doing what they do best!

Rating : 70/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann