French Atmospheric Black Metal trio AODON will release its third album, Portraits, June 9 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Willowtip Records. The album’s first single, “Mayerson,” is available now on all major digital platforms. Visit the links below to stream!

The new opus is a harrowing journey into the depths of human nature. On PortraitsAODON introduces us to nine individuals, one for each track on the album; fictitious or real, guided towards their fall by a different element: misery, ego, addiction, belief, violence, obedience, abuse, destruction or love.

The artwork of Alex Eckman Law perfectly represents this reflection on the unsuspected elements present in each one of us beyond appearances, leading us to nothingness.

Summing it all up, the band released the following statement concerning the forthcoming album:

“With Portraits, we gave free rein to all the ambivalence of Aodon’s music, both enraged and melodic, hostile and immersive. It was the perfect setting to present these nine dark destinies.”

FFO: Infestus, V:28, Mgla 



Track Listing:

  1. Swen
  2. Egon
  3. Mayerson
  4. Adam
  5. Miquella
  6. Andreas
  7. Liza
  8. Inaki
  9. Sheelagh

Album Credits:

Music composed and recorded by M-kha.
Lyrics written by Alix R.
Mixing and mastering by AJ Viana Productions.


Disturbingly Good


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