Auryah’s led by experienced singer Lean Van Ranna, resumed its activities with new line-up

Auryah’s Brazilian Prog/Power Metal, led by experienced singer Lean Van Ranna, resumed its activities with new line-up

Auryah, a Progressive Power Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil, leaded by the experienced vocalist Lean Van Ranna, who has played in many (inter)national bands and projects (Kin Wagon, King Of Salem, Excalibur, Menahem, A Taste Of Freedom, Masterful, Melodius Deite, etc.), would like to announce the definitive resumption of its activities with a brand new line-up.

Beyond Lean Van Ranna (vocals), we have Paulinho Bahiense (guitar), James Freitas (keyboards/Seth), Alessandro Kelvin (drums/P3rception/Flavio Brandão Stratosphere Project) and Anderson Sherman (bass/producer/Kin Wagon).

As an introduction to this new lineup, the band will soon release a new single that will be a great surprise and a tribute to a musician and Lean’s great idol and influence. For now it is a surprise!

After this release, the band will dive headfirst into the composition of Auryah‘s debut full album, to be released in – who knows – 2023!

Auryah has always had lyrics based on the Bible, Christian experiences, positivity and politics, written by Lean and his lyricist partner Carlos Nogarolli, but this has never stopped them from being among secular bands, achieving the respect of both audiences.

In the beginning of April, the band started to make their entire discography available on the main digital music platforms. If you don’t know the band’s sound, you should give it some attention, because you won’t be disappointed! Stay tuned!


Formed in 2008, in São Paulo, Brazil, by Lean Van Ranna, under the nickname Southern Lights, they had to change their name due to an American band with the same name, adopting Auryah, which means ‘Morning Star’ in the Slovenian language, and also, the junction of the words ‘aureo’ (magnificent, like gold) and ‘yah’ (God’s name found in chapter 6 of the book Isaiah).

They went through many reformulations and some career hiatuses, but counts in their discography,a demo, 4 ep’s and 2 singles released, all with good reception from the public and critics, some being played on several Brazilian and American radio stations. “Looking For Salvation”, from 2021, their last and most recent release so far, presented countless elements of Brazilian and Latin music, bringing several regional percussive instruments, besides arrangements of Peruvian quena (native flute). Due to all this, a great (positive) impact was also formed due to the similarity to the Brazilian Metal bands like Angra and Shaman.


“Southern Lights” (Demo/2010)
“Four Winds”
“Ordem e Progresso”
“Space Invaders” 
“Discovering Paradise”
“Looking for Salvation”

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Photo Credits by Fábio Hoffmann