Australia’s NOTHING SACRED Unleash “Drone” Off Forthcoming EP “Leviathan”

Rockshots Records – Australia’s NOTHING SACRED Unleash “Drone” Off Forthcoming EP “Leviathan” Out Feb 2023

Set to unleash their new EP “Leviathan” this coming February via Rockshots Records to follow their first album in 30 years entitled “No Gods” released in 2021, Australia’s Nothing Sacred are sharing their second single “Drone”.

“The lyrics were written around the current situation in Ukraine and the atrocities of modern warfare. It’s sad that nowadays we still find excuses where it’s alright to take other people’s lives and land. I’m not sure how this is ok and it’s heartbreaking that it can still happen today. Again this is by no means an attack on the good people of Russia. What’s happening is no more their fault than it is ours.” comments drummer Sham.

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Fans of Nothing Sacred will notice on the band’s forthcoming EP “Leviathan” that there has been a lineup change that now sees the return of Chris Stark taking the reins as lead vocalist, replacing James Davies. Stark had previously sung with the band for a number of years and has now returned in time to lay down the vocal tracks for their next monster.

The EP “Leviathan” is a mix of new and older tracks that builds on what the band did with the album “No Gods”. It has plenty of riffs, killer solos, and big melodies from vocalist Chris Stark. The EP also includes the song “Sudden Death”, a thrashy unreleased track that was a mainstay during the band’s live gigs in the mid-’80s plus re-recordings of a few tracks from the band’s first album “Let Us Prey” and two new songs. All the new songs were written in group sessions with everyone jamming, throwing around riffs and arrangements into the mix. Overall, the EP is a blend of old and new, and something they could get done without a follow-up taking too long.

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First single / Title track “Leviathan” 
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Track Listing:
1. Leviathan – 3:27
2. Drone – 4:35
3. Guardian – 3:40
4. SirMegma – 3:02
5. Sudden Death – 2:29
6. DroneTrance – 4:33
EP Length: 21:49

Nothing Sacred is:
Stu Bedford – Guitar
Chris Stark – Vocals
Karl Lean – Bass
Sham – Drums
George Larin – Guitar

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About: Conceived in Melbourne in 1983, Nothing Sacred went on hiatus for two decades. During the 80s, the heavy metal band unleashed their EP “Deathwish”, which catapulted them as one of the most sought-after pit makers with the record’s title track becoming a classic within the Australian metal scene. Three years later in 1988, Nothing Sacred unleashed the full-length entitled “Let Us Prey” on Cleopatra Records. Unfortunately a year after that LP’s release, the band disbanded in 1989. Lead guitarist Mark Woolley, bassist Karl Lean, and drummer Sham went on to contribute to Hobbs’ Angel of Death‘s early work in the late 1980s. Woolley also appeared on Hobbs’ first self-titled album in 1988. Vocalist Mick Burnham later joined the short-lived Melbourne band Seizure in 1993.

Although their tenure was short-lived, Nothing Sacred still remains an underground metal phenomenon in Australia. Songs from the Deathwish EP still get airplay on several Australian metal radio programs.

In 2012, Nothing Sacred performed a series of 30th anniversary shows with Ross Percy (Ion Drive, Little House Godz) joining George Larin on guitar that included a support slot for the ex-Iron Maiden vocalist’s Paul Di’AnnoP/Blaze Bayley Australian tour. Despite the success, the band agreed not to continue and returned to retirement.

In 2015, the band decided to re-activate with a lineup of Sham, Karl Lean, George Larin, Ross Percy, and new vocalist Chris Stark. A slot on Melbourne’s Brewtality Metal Festival received positive reviews before the band embarked on a short tour of Japan (That footage was released in 2021 as a part of a 3 disc boxset), which inspired them to continue and lead the band to headline day one of the Steel Assassins Festival in Sydney.

Line-up changes again slowed the band, James Davies was recruited for vocals along with Stu Bedford on guitar. From there, the band spent most of 2019 and 2020 writing and recording, what was their first full-length in over 30 years. Entitled “No Gods”, the record witnessed Nothing Sacred‘s resurrection to the metal world. The album peaked on the Australian iTunes metal charts in October 2021 at #4 along with metal media outlets giving multiple praising reviews.

Now ready to follow up “No Gods”, Nothing Sacred has gone through another lineup change swapping singer James Davies out with the return of Chris Stark. Chris had sung with the band previously for a number of years and has now returned in time to lay the vocal tracks down on their next release “Leviathan” set for release in February 2023 via Rockshots Records.