Authority Interview

Authority Interview

By Keith Clement (Editor-In-Chief)


  1. Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you guys doing today?

Hello everyone. It is great to be here, to tell few words about Authority and to share our music here on Metalheads Forever.


  1. Tell us how Authority was formed?

First Authority was formed back in the  1998  by myself, Przemek and Krzysztof but after some time we decided to finishe it as it was. Then 1998 after few years I have made a phone call firstly to Krzysiek and soon after to Przemek and we decided to bring it back as Authority.

I mention it because we released few songs from that time on our first release “Bona Fide” EP and on our last release “Acantha” LP.

After few months we found a lead vocalist and solo guitar but after a year and a half they decided to leave the band. Former vocalist is still in the band as he writes all the lyrics but the position of solo guitarist is now in hands of Dariusz. Present lead vocal is Bercik and he is on the album “Acantha”

First vocalist left the band before the release of “Bona Fide” but you can still hear him on the first two tracks.


  1. How is the metal scene in Poland?

This is one of the difficult questions to answer.

Metal scene in Poland is absolutely great. We have got such bands like Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and many more, but here comes the worst part, as there are loads of great bands people do not support rock/metal scene as much as all the bands would love. There are really not that many people to come to the shows, clubs, pubs to see great live music from rock or metal from independent artists, from band that soon may, hopefully, will become world wide known.. We do not know why is this happening here in Poland as we have shared the stage with many great bands but this is the sad truth.


  1. What are your influences to start the band?


Very simple question.

The only few things are that we love music. We love creating music, playing live shows and receiving the energy from the audience.

As far as musical inspirations it is very difficult question. Each and every one of us listens to different kinds of artists and different kinds of music. Inspirations may come from very different places or genres.

It is easy to say that this track reminds or is similar to some famous artist but we do not want do do that, sometimes it just happens. Funny thing is that once after some long time after recording the track we hear some part of the song after a while and we realize that it sounds similar.


  1. You were awarded the best band back in 2015 and 2016 in the Rock/Metal Category, how do you feel about that?


It was at the very beginning of Authority.

At that time we hadn’t released many tracks and that is why we were very surprised with the fact that two years in a row we are the best Hard Rock/Metal band of our region.

This is very nice that some people find our music  very interesting or even the best but music for us is an art, art is something special. Why we are the best and someone else is second, third or last. What did we do well, what someone did worse. This is music, art, there are emotions so someone may find them in a different place or time.

The best award is to be heard by fans all over the world. When they can feel emotions after they hear our music. Statue or a reward is nice but these things are considered to be the most important for us.


  1. What are the plans for the band in 2019?


Explore our music.

Reach to as many metalheads as possible.

Show the world what we can do the best.

If someone is out there who would like to help us to reach all those goals we are ready.

We are ready to go anywhere we can, to create live shows that will be remembered.


As for short time plans, we have shot a new video for the third single from our latest album “Acantha”, we would like to do two more and maybe next year a new album, who knows.


  1. Do you have a message for the readers and fans?


Message is short and simple.

Spread the Rock/Metal all over the world no matter the genres.

Show each other every single band that you like, love.


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement