Autopilot – ‘Afterglow’ Album Review

Autopilot – ‘Afterglow’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Independent Release/Alternative/Indie Rock

Across the water in North America, Autopilot have become one of the hardest working bands in Canada. This band relentlessly tours, with their hard work beginning to pay off to the rumblings of international attention through the release of their fourth album ‘Afterglow’ at the closing stages of last year.

With each album, Autopilot have taken a large leap forward, not only in sound, but also composition. What the listener will find within ‘Afterglow’ are ten very accessible songs that tow the line between indie and alternative rock; dripping with emotion and thought-provoking heartfelt lyrics. However, unlike many of their contemporaries, Autopilot do not engage the audience as per the norm with a clean, quiet verse followed by a loud chorus; in fact, far from it, what Autopilot deliver is a simplicity, simple memorable songs that are radio-friendly whilst having the pop-sensibilities and maturity to attract not just hundreds, but thousands of listeners. This can be seen no better than during ‘Undisguised’, ‘Living Dead’ and ‘Domino’, tracks which combines large anthemic chorus’ of Biffy Clyro and U2 to the early work of Modest Mouse.

There is something very likeable about ‘Afterglow’, it does not require multiple listens to be enjoyable and there is a large market that will readily consume this album. Yet, it gives the band a pedigree to deservedly fill out arenas and it is a shame that they are not doing so already.

Rating : 80/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann