Swedish sensation Aviana have made an impact on the global metalcore scene since their return in February 2021.

Led solely by vocalist Joel Holmqvist as a consequence of past members leaving the band, Holmqvist has exceeded all expectations by himself and has taken the band further down the path for greatness.

Today, the band has shared “Transcendent,” its sixth single since the 2021 comeback. Listen to and watch the video here.

“The new single ‘Transcendent’ is a little bit different compared to the other songs we’ve released so far,” Holmqvist says. “It has some extended clean vocals in it and was really fun to write. I hope people will enjoy it and the fact that we are trying out some different style of songs, while trying to stick to the Aviana sound, which is something you can expect from the whole album.”

Speaking of an album, Aviana also announced that Corporation will be release on August 3 via Arising Empire. Pre-orders will be live soon.

“There is an album coming in August, finally,” Holmqvist states. “But I never wanted to have people sit around and wait for new Aviana music. Instead, I’ve been working continously to try and get new stuff out there for the fans. You should consider this album more of a ‘collection of singles,’ rather than something else. There will be new songs on the album which haven’t been released yet, but also songs that we’ve already put out since 2021.”

The previous Aviana single “Obsession,” released in January, landed the top spot on Spotify’s biggest Metalcore playlist — New Core — and was later featured on the Top of The Core playlist on the same platform.