Awash Premiere Their New Single And Lyric Video Feel the Fire

Dutch soft rock band Awash reveal their new song and lyric video Feel the Fire. The track is about wanting to be there for someone, endlessly, no matter what, while failing in the past. Feel the Fire was written on just an acoustic guitar. Singer Geert van der Burg was travelling with his minivan when writing the song, so he made a tutorial video explaining the song to the band. After seeing the video they all arranged their own part for the song.  It was eventually recorded at 4 separate locations. The final mixing was done by bass player Peter Suoss in his home studio. During this process Awash also worked together with producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, the Fray).

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Artist: Awash
Title: Feel the Fire
Release date: 2022.05.20.
Label: self-release
Country: The Netherlands
Genre: rock

In the music of Awash, melodic guitar pop meets piano and fretless bass. With more than 250 performances, including being the support act for James Walsh of Starsailor, various radio appearances, festivals national/international and a tour through England, the band is currently working on their third full-length album, moreover new live dates will be announced.

After debut album Turn The Lights (2013) and the EP Carry On (2015), the second album Waiting Words (2018) has been well-received by not only the fans but by the critics, too. Recordings as diverse as life itself, autobiographical but sometimes described from a different perspective,  these elements make up the music of Awash. 

At the beginning of July 2020, Awash released a new single Shadow or Sun. For this single, they collaborated with award winning producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, the Fray). In 2021 Awash released 2 singles and worked on a new material for their upcoming third record. A forerunner of that record is the new track Feel the Fire, which is released now.