Bahrain’s 7MND Releases Animated Full EP Video For “Cataclysm”

Wall of Sound Records – Bahrain’s 7MND Releases Animated Full EP Video For Introspective, Progressive And Wild Concept Record “Cataclysm”

7MND is the solo project of Bahrain’s Hamad Ebrahim Hamad. He released the debut album “Behemyth” back in 2017 and is now following that up with “Cataclysm”. The concept EP is a whirlwind of emotions, riffs, and breakdowns as it tells the story of a man attempting to find himself in the world. There is a wide assortment of techniques and elements to be discovered on the album, from the melancholy soundscapes and static stabs of synths on “Introspect” to the painful chord-filled chorus in “Verge of Collapse” to the mammoth-like breakdowns in “A Light, A Door” to the introspective blend of all the musical motifs explored in the album through “Dream/Infinite” and finally, the epic, orchestral eulogy present in “(No One Left To) Mourn”. Hamad explains the record in further detail:

“When I started 7MND, a lot of it was born of experimentation, fun, and trying to channel all my influences into things that feel original. Now I feel like there’s a lot more focus on portraying emotions in as raw a way as possible. Whereas in my previous releases I tended to go towards complexity and something maybe showy, the new music I’m working on is all about chasing a feeling, or telling a story, and doing it justice.”

Hamad has spent considerable time getting this release together and he expects a solid release from fans around the world as they experience the story and the feelings that radiate throughout the music. As a concept EP, each track flows into the next, creating a journey that should be related to all kinds of people. Each song tends to stem from a singular point, either an emotion or an atmosphere he is trying to convey. It usually starts with a guitar riff or a melody, then as he further explores the idea, it’ll usually write itself.

The EP was self-produced by Hamad, mixed by himself and Jack Byrne, and mastered by Arran Dutt. It is expansive and emotive and recommended for fans of Between the Buried and Me, Northlane, and Tesseract.

For the EP’s release day, 7MND is also sharing a full animated video, which can be viewed at

“Cataclysm” is now available as of November 18, 2022, via Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp at

Music Video – “Verge of Collapse” –

Track Listing:
1. Introspect – 2:31
2. Verge of Collapse – 4:17
3. A Light, A Door – 2:28
4. Dream/Infinite – 5:32
5. (No One Left To) Mourn – 3:29
EP Length: 18:19

Album Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• All songs written by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• Produced by: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad
• Mixed by: Jack Byrne – Mixing for Song 2-3-4, Hamad Ebrahim song 1, 5
• Mastered by: Arran Dutt
• Album Artwork by: Hamad Ebrahim

EP Band Line Up:
One man band: Hamad Ebrahim Hamad

For more info:

Guitarist/Producer Hamad Ebrahim Hamad from Bahrain, is into various types of music, mainly Metal and Electronic music, he loves to dabble and experiment in new things.

Hamad’s music is a tapestry of stylistic diversity. Whether it’s technical, progressive, djent, or electronic, he finds a way to make the style his own, bending it to his will, and adding it to his repertoire. Oscillating between the familiar and the strange, Hamad’s writing taps into previous melodies, creating reminiscent focal points as the journey progresses. Each track draws the listener in with comforting ambient spaces, subsequently filling them with barrages of intricate riffs like a rolling storm.

Though the music is good enough to give off an intimidating vibe, Hamad is a joy to work with and incredibly easy to approach. His demeanor in the studio is comedic and laidback, but this does not take away from his persistence and professionalism. Always willing to try out new approaches, styles and techniques, both in writing and production, Hamad is quickly making a name for himself in the budding Bahraini music scene.

Hamad’s artistry is not only confined to the sanctuary of the studio. With fifteen live performances under his belt, he maintains solid stage presence and leaves the audience in awe. Credit where credit is due, Hamad remains as one of the most talented and upcoming musicians in the Kingdom of Bahrain.