BECOMING THE ENTITY reissue ferocious debut album “Beyond Cygnus”

Mexican Tech-Death Masters BECOMING THE ENTITY reissue ferocious debut album “Beyond Cygnus” 

¡Out Now on Concreto Records!

Becoming the Entity, the promising Mexican extreme metal band, re-issues its debut album “Beyond Cygnus”. This record proposes a violent and terrifying journey through the cosmos, pummeling the listener with injections of equally brutal and technical Death Metal. It was well received by critics and fans alike.

Although this LP was released in 2021, the current year sees a brand new reissue by the distinguished record label Concreto Records. In relation to the expectations about this reissue, the band made their point of view known:

“This album is expected to cross borders. We are interested in having many people listen to us and learn about our material. Hopefully they continue to connect with us through music and lyrics, and that this allows us to take the project to different points. We are very open to being able to play this album in all the places that you can”.

You can watch the official video for “Beyond Cygnus” below:

Just as black holes are born from dead stars and become chaotic and dense objects, BECOMING THE ENTITY was born thanks to the death of Infernal Bloodlust in the fall of 2019, wanting to take their music to a brutal and furious Death Metal. Formed by Chris Trejo on lead guitars and vocals, as always with his impeccable OSDM and Brutal Death; Omar Zuñiga on drums, bringing tons of blasting rhythms that create shockwaves impacting nebulas out of our quadrant and Vikk Castro on lead guitars and vocals, providing psychotic riffs due to his obsession with Progressive Death Metal and Grindcore.

The band released its first full-length material on February 12, 2021, which has received excellent comments, great reviews by specialized figures within the metal scene, and significant acceptance on digital platforms. They also have the official video for the song “Beyond Cygnus” available. This group was consolidated in periods of pandemic, so it has not yet had live performances.

2022 sees the brand new reissue of BTE’s debut, through the consolidated Latin American label Concreto Records. Of dark metal and moments of tranquility and existential contemplation.

Emancipation of Our Kind
Beyond Cygnus
Black Hole Inversions
Quantum Jump Insanity
Interstellar Debauchery
Kepler 452b
Suspended in Violence

Vikk Castro (Guitar, Vocals)
Chris Trejo (Guitarra, Vocals)
Omar Zuñiga (Drums)